Gram Parsons

Gram Parsons (* 5. November 1946 in Winterhaven, Florida as Cecil Ingram Connor; † 19. September 1973 in Joshua Tree, California) is considered today as one of the trailblazing representatives of the Country skirt.

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Gram Parsons originates from a wealthy, but emotional wrecked, steeped in tradition Southern States - family. Its father committed suicide, when Parsons was twelve years old. Its nut/mother married again and died 1965 at oneAlcoholic poisoning.

Already with 14 Parsons in local skirt volume played. After its graduation it studied one term long theology to the Harvard University. Its principal interests were however music and drugs. In this time it based together with John Nuese, Ian Dunlop and Mickey Gauvin internationally the submarines volume, which continued to pull then soon thereafter to New York and 1967 to Los Angeles.


in Los Angeles took up those internationally submarine volume its only album Safe RK Home , which produces from Lee Hazlewoodbecame. For lack of success the volume dissolved then however soon, and Gram Parsons was engaged on switching of Chris Hillman 1968 as Keyborder with the Byrds, played however then actually above all guitar and sang. In this time the legendary album Sweetheart OF developedThe Rodeo, which is considered as the first Country skirt album at all and was coined/shaped considerably of Parsons.

After few months Gram Parsons left the Byrds and based together with Chris Hillman as well as Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Jon Corneal and Chris Ethridge the Flying Burrito Brothers. 1969 appeared the debut album Gilded Palace OF Sin, which was commercially not successful, but large influence on other musicians, among them the Rolling Stones, exerted.

Gram makes friends itself with Keith Richards, whose passion for drugs he divided, and spent much timewith the Stones. Only halfheartedly it participated in the second album of the Flying Burrito Brothers Burrito Deluxe and left afterwards the volume finally. A time long tourte and co-operated it with the Stones, whereby it affected it with its interest in Country strongly(e.g. with the Songs Country Honk or game Horses, which the Burritos was allowed to bring out even rather as the Stones).

1971 withdrew it it again to of Los Angeles, where he arranged own volume, the traps Angels volume and as Duettpartnerin those at that time stillunknown Emmylou Harris anheuerte. One year later appeared its debut album G.P. and in the late summer 1973 Grievous fishing rod followed.


Parsons made death the grotesque attendant circumstances of its death only few weeks after completion of Grievous fishing rod finally the legend. At the age of26 years probably died it at an overdose drugs and alcohol - the exact death circumstances were never clarified. The corpse should be transferred to his stepfather after new Orleans, however by its manager Phil Kaufman on of Los Angeles internationally the air haven was stolen and inthe California desert with Joshua Tree burned. Allegedly buyer thereby fulfilled the last will Gram Parsons, which had a little pleasing relationship to its family.



Year title label note
1973 G. P. Reprise
1974 Grievous fishing rod Reprise


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