Grand AREA

as Grand AREA (“large area”) and/or. Grand AREA Planning one designates the definition of its global interests conceived by strategists of the USA, in particular the geographical propagation of their zone of influence.

Council on Foreign relation

the mentioned concept is based to first on a memorandum of the same name of 24. July 1941, thus at the time, when the Second World War already was in the course, which was approaching for war entrance of the USA however still. This memorandum was written by the Council on Foreign relation (CFR) and at president Franklin D. Roosevelt to the information passed on.

In this memorandum that part of the world is determined, that the United States economically as militarily to control and/or. to dominate want, in order to be able to acquire itself raw material resources of these areas for the own needs. The outlines of such a planning had already developed into the 1930er years.

As the most characteristic sphere of interest one defined „the western hemisphere in such a way specified “, i.e. Latin America, Europe and all regions of the British Imperiums, Netherlands east India (Indonesia), China and Japan as well as oil-rich the Near East. Thus the 1941 concerned of the Axis powers Japan and the German Reich stressed and/or also areas. long okkupiert were. Besides one kept oneself the option open of a further expansion.

Besides the creation from global Finanzistitutionen was outlined to the stabilization of the international monetary system and the promotion of investments - considerations, which flowed to 1944 in the system of Bretton Woods.

Policy Planning Study 23

a further description finds 1949 of the prominent coworker of the State section, George F. Kennan, in its writing „Policy Planning Study 23 “instead of. It means that the defeated and occupied powers Germany and Japan as assets of a capitalistic world order again must be developed, which assistance of resources of the so-called. Third world happened is. In this world order alone the free trade and the dominance of the western civilization are to prevail:

We have more than 50% of the wealth of the world, place however only 6.3% to their population. In this situation it will not be missing that we become an object of envy and resentment. Our actual task in the coming period will its to compile a pattern from relations to which will permit it to us to retain this position of the inequality. ... In order we will do, this all Sentimentalität and day fantasy placing [...] we should stop over as vague and unreal goals of talking as human rights and elevation of the standard of living and democratization. The day is not far, if we must begin after straight-line power concepts to act - the less we of idealistic Slogans are then obstructed, all the better.

Policy Planning Study 23 stands itself in the close relationship with the Containment politics likewise developed by Kennan and the domino theory deriving from it.



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