Grand cent ral terminal

Innenaufnahme des Grand Central Terminals, um 1920
interior admission of the Grand cent ral terminal, around 1920

the Grand cent ral terminal (often also Grand cent ral station called) is a station in Manhattan in New York, the USA. It is because of the corner 42. Road and park Avenue. At present there the commuter courses endthe Metro North toward Westchester County, Putnam County, Dutchess County, Fairfield County and new Haven County.

The Grand cent ral terminal became to 2. February 1913 as head station inaugurated and is since then the largest station of the world - it has44 platforms, at which 67 tracks end. The station is on two levels, 41 tracks ends on the upper, 26 on the lower level.

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In the same place stood before already three buildings, which would fulfill the same function:

Grand cent ral depot

the Grand cent ral depot was finished 1871. For the purpose, here the courses were built for that New York cent ral and Hudson River Railroad, the HarlemRiver Railroad to let end and the new Haven Railroad at a common station. Main building, that apart from the passenger functions also offices of the railway companies accommodated had “L” - form. Those track-resounds, north and east the main building convenient, waited with two, for the American continent up to thenuncommon novelties up: the platforms were raised to the entrance height of the railroad cars and a Dachgewölbe spanned all tracks.

Innenansicht 2002
Interior opinion 2002

Grand cent ral station

between 1899 and 1900 was transformed to a large extent that main building: one supplemented it from three on six projectiles andit provided with a new facade design. Only track-resounds remained in its original form existing. The tracks, which still up to the 42ten road to the south reached before, were shortened and the track field was transformed, in order to reduce congestions of the courses and shorten the scan times.The transformed building was renamed in the year 1900 in Grand cent ral station.

Grand cent ral terminal

between 1903 and 1913 was laid down the entire building in sections and replaced by the present, mehrstöckige Grand cent ral terminal. The architects Warren & Wetmore and Reed& it in art nouveau, simultaneous with the new building of the receipt building arranged star again the three railway lines ending there were electrified.

The gigantic railway cathedral became fast one of the most well-known buildings new Yorks. More than 500,000 humans frequent the station daily and make it therebyusually-visited buildings of the city. Is worth seeing the enormous mainresounds with the dark-blue cover painting, which represents a starlit sky.1978 should be torn off the building, on resolution of the highest US court remained it however and were afterwards reconditioned. The building is in the possession of the enterprise American Prime MinisterUnderwriters (before times Penn cent ral company), which it rented metropolitan Transportation Agency the New York for 110 years.

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coordinates: 40,75° N, 73,98° W


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