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of these articles is concerned with the sport term “Grand Slam”. The article over the bomb of the same name stands under Grand Slam (bomb)

as Grand Slam (English. large throw) one designates large, historical successes particularly in the sport.

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tournament place emergence date lining
Australian open Melbourne 1905 January hard place
French open Paris 1891 May/June sand
Wimbledon London 1877 June/July lawn
US open New York 1881 August. /Sept. Hard place

Grand Slam is called in the tennis the profit of the four most important tournaments ( the so-called Grand Slam tournaments) within a yearly. They are both after prize money (beside Masters) and to points of world rank list tournaments of the yearly maximumendowed. All Grand Slam tournaments become inProcess of two weeks in the K.O. - System in each case for men and women as single and doubles as well as Mixed delivered.

The term of the “Grand Slam” was coined/shaped in the year 1933 by the American journalist John Kieran. Kieran was on the search for a term, that thatProject of the tennis player Jack Crawford described to want to win the most important tournaments of the world in one year. Kieran entlieh the term of the Grand Slam the English Bridge play. As the most important tournaments defined Kieran the international championships all those countries, those so far the Davis Cupto win could and from its view therefore the most important tennis nations represented. There a victory in the Davis Cup had succeeded up to this time 4 nations - England, the United States, Australia and France -, the number of Grand Slam - tournaments on four was specified.By this criterion came it to circumstance that other steeped in tradition tournaments as for example the international German championships, which ranked at that time likewise among the most important, most steeped in tradition and oldest tournaments not the status of a Grand Slam - tournament attained.

Grand Slam - winners in the tennis
year nationality (EN) name (n) Competition
1938 the United States Donald Budge gentleman single
1951 Australia/Australia franc Sedgman, Ken McGregor gentleman Mr.
1953 the United States Maureen Connolly lady single
1962 Australia Rod Laver gentleman single
1963 Australia/Australia Margaret Smith Court, Ken Fletcher Mixed
1969 Australia Rod Laver gentleman Mr.
1970 Australia Margaret Smith Court lady single
1984 the Czech Republicthe United States/the United States Martina Navratilova, Pam lady double
1988 Germany Steffi Graf lady single (golden Slam)

the Grand Slam is considered as the largest success, which a tennis player can obtain. In single competitions this succeeded only to five different players. With the double and Mixedaustragungen a Grand Slam is called often only then such,if all four tournaments with the same partner to be won. Only two double's pairs and pair of mix OD won such pure Grand Slam.

golden Slam

as golden Slam one designates the victory with all four Grand Slam tournaments as well as the olympic tennis tournament. So far a golden succeededSlam only Steffi Graf in the year 1988.

false Grand Slam

the Grand Slam due to the difficulty of its coming off a very rare event is there, becomes sometimes already when winning four Grand Slam tournaments in consequence of a false Grand Slamspoken. Among the winners of a false Grand Slams also Martina Navratilova, which succeeded one behind the other during the years 1983/84 the maximum at Grand Slam tournament victories without a genuine Grand Slam, is i.e. six.

Serena Williams spoke with its success 2002/03 of a Serena Slam, thisDesignation did not become generally accepted however for obvious reasons.

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tournament place emergence date
US of Masters Augusta, Georgia 1934 April
US open the USA 1895 June
British open UK July PGA
Championship the USA 1916 August Grand Slam tournaments

there are 1860 also with the gulf haven. It concerns the mast R-S tournament in the USA (Augusta, Georgia), the British open (GB), that US-Open as well as the PGA tournament (both in the USA).

The only player, who the GrandSlam in the gulf created, was Bobby Jones. It created and built later also the legendary gulf course of the Augusta national gulf club.


a Grand Slam with the baseball occurs, if a Home run is struck and all Bases occupiesare, so that four points are obtained at one time.

ski jumping

place date digs digging record (year)
Colonel village 29. December shade-mountain-digs 143.5 m (2003)
mixing part churches 1. January large one Olympia-digs 129.5 m (2001)
Innsbruck 4. January Bergiselschanze 134.5 m (2002)
bishop yards 6. January Paul Ausserleitner digging 143,0m (2005)

in the ski jumping was in-patriated in the last years following tennis and gulf the name Grand Slam for the four-digging tour. Only winner of all four tour competitions within one winter was so far Sven Hannawald (2001/2002).


in the pack of cards Bridge becomesas Grand Slam (German: Largefeast) an obtaining all (of 13) passes designated.


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