Graphical Environment manager

Die GEM-Version von 1984
In accordance with version of 1984
Die verstümmelte PC-Version (1986)
the mutilated PC version (1986)
Der GEM-Desktop (2004)
in accordance with Desktop (2004)

the Graphical Environment manager, briefly IN ACCORDANCE WITH, was a graphic user surface of digitally Research, those particularly by the computer Atari sp under the operating system TOSadmits became. There were also versions for the IBM-PC as well as an Unix - variant. With IN ACCORDANCE WITH it concerns to a large extent a reproduction of the Macintosh - surface. The file manager „Desktop “corresponds thereby Apple - to application „Finder “.

Research became digital because ofIN ACCORDANCE WITH of Apple sued and the PC variant, D had. h. the file manager „Desktop “, up to the unserviceableness mutilate. Only by it the competitive user upper subject Microsoft Windows at meaning won. The judgement that it gives a copyright on user interfaces, led to an occasionalApple boycott appeal by the Free software Foundation. Later Apple without success sued the company Microsoft. Of the restrictions the Atari version was not concerned, since their development lay in the responsibility of Atari.

On the Atari computers of the sp series the TOS insistedbesides from the GEMDOS likewise developed by digitally Research, which oriented itself strongly at the CP/M and MS-DOS already existing.

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Internal structure

the surface IN ACCORDANCE WITH consists usually of the following components: The Virtual DEVICE interface (VDI) makes device dependent indication functions available. Whereupon constructing the Application Environment services ( AES) makes routines available for the representation of different control elements. The Desktop is zuguterletzt inDateimanger and program starter, which look like a desk work surface.


too IN ACCORDANCE WITH digitally Research supplied predominantly visually oriented software. This were among other things the vector program „Draw “, the pixel program „Paint “, the application of bar diagrams „graph “, the presentation software forerunner „Wordchart “.


PC version

after the assumption of digitally Research by Caldera the PC version was placed under the GPL. Some enthusiasts made thereupon the restrictions retrogressive (z. B. they let the Desktop program 1.x under IN ACCORDANCE WITH 2.x run) andold applications collected, so that PC IN ACCORDANCE WITH today again a to some extent useful user surface for simple, less high performance PCs represents. The usable main memory is still limited on 640 KByte.

Atari version

the Atari version of IN ACCORDANCE WITH becomes since disappearingthe company Atari no longer further developed and is also no free software. Instead the operating system TOS, inclusively IN ACCORDANCE WITH, was again-implemented komponentenweise as free software (see also: MiNT, fVDI, XaAES, TeraDesk). Likewise commercial projects developed(see also:MagiC!, NAES), those partially. the TOS even completely replace and only for the raising („boats “) need.

By these new projects it offers now also - functionality to multitasking. The change between the individual programs running at the same time can thereby,similarly as with Apple, over entries in the menu border take place.

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