Gregor IX. (Pope)

representation Gregors IX. in a manuscript from the time around 1270

Gregor IX. (* around 1167 in Anagni; † 22. August 1241 in Rome) was a Pope from 1227 to 1241. Its civil name was Ugolino dei Conti di Segni(Hugo of Segni).

The nephew of Pope Innozenz III. became 1198 Kaplan of the Kurie, 1206 cardinal bishop von Ostia and thus Dekan of the Kardinalskollegiums and to 19. March 1227 to the Pope selected. In addition it was 1207 - 1209 Legat in Germany.

Within the internal-church rangeassigned he 1230 Raimund of Pennaforte the creation of a new uniform church right book, which remained nearly 700 years long - until 1917 - valid. In this connection also the procedure was regulated and intensified against Ketzer.

Gregor promoted in this time the current religiousPoverty movement, as long as it held itself in the context of the church teachings. Particularly the begging medals, particularly the Franziskanerorden, developed again, with whose founder it admits personally was, found in it an engaged supporter. In this connection it took some very much meaning holy speaking pre 1228 Franz ofAssisi, 1232 Antonius of Padua, 1234 Dominikus and 1236 Elizabeth of Thuringia. On the other side he was a strict pursuer shedding tables of the branch of the poverty movement. Among other things it carried - here in cooperating with emperor Friedrich II. - substantially to it,that burning the condemned ones as usual punishment for heresy was established. In addition it introduced the office of the Inquisitors as a particular agent independent of the local bishop courts and transferred this task of particularly eager Ketzerverfolgern like Konrad active in Germany in excessive way ofMarburg. The personal interest of the Pope in the shedding filter fighting can be read off also to the Inquisition accomplished by it to 1231 in Rome, which ended with dungeon-met and death sentences.

However the conflict with emperor Friedrich II. formed the emphasis of its Pontifikats. As the crusadeby 1227 because of an illness Friedrichs, occupied the Pope was broken off the emperor with the spell. In it also the fact did not change for anything that Friedrich brought 1229 Jerusalem back in Christian possession and to the king be crowned there could. Because Friedrich had not conquered Jerusalem, butwithout fighting with the Muslims a contract finally, that the Christians and others the holy city left. This attitude of the compromise readiness opposite “disbelieving ones” increased still the enmity of the Pope - the Patriarch of Jerusalem occupied the holy places Jerusalems, since Friedrich was still gebannt, alsothe Interdikt. Only 1230 solved Gregor the spell, after he had been struck in the preceding military arguments.

1239 broke a new argument off, as Friedrich II.again one gebannt. Gregor believed - probably to quite, the emperor wanted to control Rome. After the spellFriedrich II. pulled. actually to Italy, where he occupied the church state and besieged Rome. Only as a Pope Gregor to 22. August 1241 died, the FE storage was terminated.

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