State OF Grenada
State of Grenada
Nationalflagge Grenadas
Wappen von Grenada
(detail) (detail)
Wahlspruch: Ever conscious OF God incoming goods aspire, build and advance as one people (close., „on God trusting, build and intervene we always strive as People near “)
office language English
capital pc. George's
system of government constitutional monarchy
system of government parliamentary democracy
head of state queen Elizabeth II.
Governor Daniel Williams
head of the government Dr. Keith Claudius Mitchell
surface 344 km ²
number of inhabitants 89,502 (conditions July 2005)
population density of 260 inhabitants per km ²
gros domestic product/inhabitant 4.103 US-$ (2004)
independence 7. February 1974 of Great Britain
currency eastCaribbean dollar
time belt UTC -4
national anthem Hail Grenada
Kfz characteristic WG
Internet TLD .gd
preselection +1,473
Lage Grenadas in der Welt
Lage Grenadas in der Karibik

Grenada is belonged to hoist an island of the small Antilleses, to the islands under that andis appropriate for the Atlantic between the Karibik and. The island state forms its own member state of the Commonwealth OF nation.

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the inhabitants of Grenada are too over 95% totally or partly African Abstammmung. About 3% are Indian descent. There is a small minority purely European origin.


the office language is English. Besides Kreolsprachen are inUse, and. A. the Patois which is rooted in the French.


approx. 60% the inhabitant are catholic, about 15% Anglikaner, 9% Adventisten, 7% belong to Pfingstkirchen, 3% are Methodists, scarcely 1% a witness Jehovas.

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Grenada was discovered 1498 by Kolumbus, it called the island Conceptión, occupied the island however not. The island became laterfrom the British occupies, who withdrew themselves however 1609. 1649 sold native chieftains the island to French dealers. From 1674 to Paris peace the 1763 it was belonged French colony and for this time to the British Commonwealth. 1877 became Grenada Crowning colony.

From 1958 to 1962 the island was a part of the westIndian federation. 1974 became Grenada under prime minister Eric Gairy independently. Gairys government became 1979 in a unblutigen revolution of the left movement new Jewel Movement under Maurice Bishop set off. Bishop wanted for Grenada non-alignment and good relations with the USA just like to the Soviet Union and with Cuba. Social reforms secured also high popularity in the population for it. It wanted to let an international airport establish,that the tourism to animate should. However no free elections were held. This and the circumstance that Grenada maintained good relations with Cuba became by the neighbours of Grenada in the Karibik as well as observed by the USA very critically. In a coup d'etatBishop was set off 1983 from its vice-prime minister and friend of many years Berne pool of broadcasting corporations Coard. Bishop was executed. The new Grenadian government tended strongly to the left, the force of the revolution released in the population fear.

The building of the airport became from thatUS Government as preparation for a possible marching-up area of the Soviet Union in the Karibik interprets.

To 25. Octobers 1983 started the USA with the organization of eastCaribbean States of an invasion, into whose consequence the government of the NJM was fallen. Thereupon followed 1984Elections.

At the beginning of of September 2004 was drawn to Grenada by the hurricane Ivan heavily in. 95% of the houses of the capital pc. George's were destroyed or damaged. The Plantagen of the island important for the agriculture were devastated. The loss of more than35 human lives was to be deplored. The drinking water - and current supply broke down.

In July 2005 Grenada was afflicted again by a hurricane (Emily). Again heavy devastation at buildings, infrastructure and fields developed. Emily demanded one victim at least on Grenada.

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base data

  • gross national product 1997: 306,94 millions Dollar
  • gross national product 1997/inhabitant: 3,140 dollar
  • gross national product 1997/km ²: 891,605 dollar


1992 and 2000 the portion of the public expenditures for the health service

export products

one of the main export products is the Muskatnuss, whyGrenada also as „Muskatinsel “admits is.

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coordinates: 12° 7 ′ N, 61° 40 ′ W


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