Grenoble und seine Bergkulisse (2002)
Grenoble and its mountain window blind (2002)
Grenobles situation in France

Grenoble is the capital of the French Départements Isère and the region Dauphiné and in the southeast of France. Cause of the town foundation was probably the salient situation in a valley forking, where itself the rivers Isère and Drac combine.

Grenoble is also over 150.000 inhabitants the largest high mountain city of the alps, still before Innsbruck, with which it has routistic much together. It lies about 200 kilometers south of Geneva, 100 kilometers east of Lyon and 350 kilometers north the Côte d'Azur.

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land model of the Vercors (80x65 km). Genoble lies toright obenen contour (45°10'/5°43'), the Isère valley continues to the left.

The city centre is on approximately 213 m sea level to the Isère, geographical width 45°10' north, geogr. 5°43' lengthens east.
Grenoble is with 156.203 inhabitants the largest city in the alps.The entire region counts 514,559 humans (conditions 1999).

In the close surrounding field of the city alpine mountain summits with over 3.000 m height partly are in the distance fewer kilometers; there is this the mountain massif of the Vercors and the mountain courses of the Chartreuse as well as the Chaîne de Belledonne,the western Ausläufern of the French alps.


Grenoble was already settled of the celtic Allobrogern. In the annals of the Romans the place is 43 v. for the first time. Chr. when Cularo mentions, and the establishment of its Stadtmauer already 286. In the year 377the city in Gratianopolis (after emperor Gratian) is renamed, from where the today's name deduces itself.

Since that 4. Century is Genoble bishop seat; in the year 879 it came to the Kingdom of Burgund and has since the year 1242 the municipal law. The university became 1339 based. 1349 came Grenoble with the entire Dauphiné at France.

In 18. Century was particularly well-known for arts and crafts the city. The carpenter dynasty of the Hache working in Grenoble came to country-wide meaning, when you were lent the title “carpenter of the dukes of Orléans “.Their works are to be admired today still in the Musée Dauphinois in Grenoble. Already 1788 came it in the city to a antiroyalistischen revolt, which forced the king to call up the general conditions of the province. In the revolution time the city carried temporarily Grelibre for the names, before Napoleonit again in Grenoble renamed.

To 26. May 1944 had to suffer the city under a heavy bombardment. In the year 1968 here X. found. Olympic winter plays instead of. Under enormous financial expenditure (approx. 460 millions €) she was developed at that time for the large meeting, because president Charles de Gaulle wanted to use the opportunity and to present Grenoble as symbol for the modernization of France.


partnerships between cities

the city Grenoble maintain partnerships with the following cities:

economics and infrastructure

the processing industry consist of electro-chemical and metallurgical industry as well as mechanical engineering, Handschuhmacherei and cement production.


the nearest airport is that about one autohour removed Airport Lyon Saint Exupéry in Lyon. Grenoble has only a small regional airport.

Railway lines tie up the city in three directions, northwest after Lyon with continuous TGV - courses to Paris as well as after Valence, northeast after Chambéry and towards Italy by the Mont Cenis tunnel,the oldest large tunnel by the alps, southward the line after Gap.

i.e. the Université

Joseph Fourier three universities with altogether about 55,000 students, (UJF, Grenoble 1, natural science, technology, medicine and pharmacy) has education and research the city,the Université Pierre Mendès France (UPMF, Grenoble 2, spirit and social sciences) and the Université Stendhal (Grenoble 3, languages, literature, speaking and communication sciences). To the UPMF also the ESA, the Ecole Supérieure of the Affaires (Handelshochschule) belongs. Furthermore national polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG) exists one with InstitutEducational facility of the rank of a university, which covers nine schools of engineering and numerous research laboratories.

Likewise in Grenoble the large-scale-research facility European synchrotron ( ESRF) and the neutron source Institut of the Laue Langevin ( ILL) is appropriate. The particle accelerator stationed in Grenoble is likewise a characteristic, which distinguishes the city.

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, 2004

Blick über Grenoble, 2004
the Musée de Grenoble the third biggest

art collection of France accommodates culture and objects of interest view over Grenoble to the museums in Paris and Lyon.

Admits is Grenoble also for its Walnüsse, whose indication of origin is protected.


of sons andDaughters of the city

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coordinates: 45° 11 ' 24 " north, 5° 43 ' 12 " east


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