Grete Waitz

Grete Waitz (* 1. October 1953 in Oslo) is a former Norwegian light athlete.

It won 1978 and 1988 nine times the New York Marathon in its career between and became 1983 in Helsinki first world champion in the marathon race. In addition it won with the olympic plays into of Los Angeles the silver medal in the Marathon.

Waitz began its career as Mittelstreckenläuferin and participated 1972 in the olympic plays in Munich in the 1500-Meter-Lauf. 1975 improved it several times the world record over 3000 meters, but she wanted to run dear Marathon. Apart from the nine victories with New York Marathon (1978 - 1980, 1982 - 1986 and 1988), whereby it remained as a first woman of the world 1979 on this distance under two and a half hours (2: 27: ), it also the Marathon in London won and became 33 several times CROSS world champion.

In Norway Grete Waitz is a legend in the sport. A statue of it stands before the Bislett stadium in Oslo.


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