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Grete pointing head (actually Margarete Berne home, alias: Alex Wedding) (* 11. May 1905 in Salzburg; † 15. March 1966 in Saalfeld/Saale) was a child book authoress.

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since 1925 earned Grete Berne home their money as shorthand-typist, Buchhändlerin or a bank employee in Berlin. 1928 married it the Czech author Franz Carl pointing head, member of the KPD and the federation of proletarian-revolutionary writers (BPRS). 1931 appeared to Alex Wedding in the mark IC publishing house under the alias its first Kinderbuch, “Ede and Unku “, which were 1980 with the DEFA under the title “as Unku Edes friend… “one filmed. 1933 fled it with its man over Prague, Paris to New York.

To the Second World War it returned with its husband at short notice 1949 to Prague. Still in the same year their man began an activity in the diplomatic service, and they pulled after Washington, D.C. and 1949/50 to Stockholm. From 1950 to 1952 they lived in China, where Alex Wedding worked as translator and a correspondent. From 1953 to its death it lived then in the GDR.


wrote achievements in the GDR child and youth books, narrations, reports and numerous contributions. Its two most successful books “Ede and Unku “and” the polar sea calls “(both appeared in the mark IC publishing house) were filmed. Alex Wedding is considered as Wegbereiterin of the socialist child and youth literature. A literary award was designated after it and lent since 1966.

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of works

  • Ede and Unku, mark IC publishing house, Berlin 1931
  • the polar sea calls, mark IC publishing house, London 1936
  • the flag of the Pfeiferhänsleins, 1948 (youth book concerning the Frankish Prediger Hans Böhm)
  • mercenary and pay. A novel for the youth, 1948
  • the iron Büffelchen, 1952
  • the kite bride. Chinese people fairy tales, 1961
  • the large adventure of the Kaspar taste


  • Hermine disk: Alex Weddings artistic and literature-theoretical contribution for the development of the socialist German child literature. Berlin: GDR center for child literature 1976. (= Series of publications to the child literature; 2)

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