Grethe of wise

Grethe of wise (* 27. February 1903 in Hanover; † 2. October 1970 in bath Tölz, by car accident; actually Mathilde Ella Dorothea Margarethe Nowka) was a German actress, those particularly in films as Komikerin admits became.

From 1928 to 1930 it was first active at the people stage in Berlin, appeared then into different citizen of Berlin of Kabaretts as well as as Chansonsängerin .

As a film actress it acted starting from 1932. It worked in more than 100 filmswith. Likes was she by her popular nature and her inimitable kesses occurrence.

With 17 years it extracted itself from the paternal force, by marrying the Jewish sweet goods manufacturer Josef of wise. 1922 brought it the common son to Rolf Günther to the world.After their man had leased a Kabarett at the cure prince dam in Berlin, Grethe of wise completed there first appearances as Diseuse.

Short time broke its marriage, this later became however only 1934 divorced. It took singing and play hours and completed appearancesas Soubrette and Komikerin in numerous Kabaretts, revues and Operetten, z. B. in Hamburg or Dresden, and became quite admits.

Their film debut gave it 1927, afterwards was very in demand it in important Nebenrollen as a impactfinished “Zofe ofService ", z. B. in Eskapade (1936). At the same time it had hits with chansons as “the Vamp” or “Emil hands”. It had the final break-through with Erich Waschnecks the Göttliche Jette (1937): In this film, one the most successfulin the Berlin environment, they control the whole film as a young singer, who with healthy its and citizens of Berlin Kodderschnauze maintains ground and ascends to the celebrated star, and inspired criticism and public.

Since that time it played nearly only Nebenrollen in films of all sections, inthose their entire urkomisches talent to show, z could do it. B. in Rolf Hansens the large love (1941 /42), in Helmut Käutners we make music (1942), in Carl Froelichs family book wood (1943 /44) or in George Jacobys The woman of my dreams (1944).

The unjustified demand of the realm theatre chamber and concomitantly the NSDAP to step, it successfully opposed.

Since 1934 it was associated production boss Dr. with the Ufa -. Hermann Schwerin, married it however only after 24 years(21.03.1958). Under the direction of its friend IDA honour it played 1949 in Hamburg for the first time the Mary Miller into the Kuckucksei, which became its “parade role” and in that it since then regularly every 10 years on the stage.

InPostwar film found connection fast to Grethe and played in numerous maintenance films also, often as obsiegende widow, resolute aunt or a feared mother-in-law. Further was their brand name: Heart with lip. Amusingly, recreating, worth seeing were always their (often improvised) roles, even if the filmssometimes in the shallow glided. It was z. B. to see in Hans Deppes holidays of I (1952) - as a recovery-needy stage star the Käthe Greiser! - My children and I (1955), Lemkes sel. Widow (1957) or one does not fish a man in such a way (1959).

On the stage it - beside the Mary Miller - had 1953 a large triumph as a nut/mother Wolffen in Gerhart of captain of classical Gaunerkomödie the beaver fur. Their trip in the tragicSubject, the role of the dying closet charwoman Mrs. Nomsen in Friedrich Duerrenmatt play the meteor, found large praise and acknowledgment. 1970 were noted for the television the performance of the Kuckucksei.

Briefly after it, to 2. October 1970, had Grethe of wise oneheavy car accident. With it in the car sat its man Hermann Schwerin, its old singing teacher Baronin Agnes of Spetzler and her lady housekeeper of many years Maria Reisch. All passengers of the car died.

The accident occurred in lowest installation oh with bath Tölz.During Hermann Schwerin, Agnes of Spetzler and Maria Reisch still at the accident scene deceased, to Grethe of wise to the hospital by bath Tölz one in-supplied, where it received blood transfusions. Their life could not be saved no more and it deceased therefew hours later. Grethe of wise and its husband Dr.Schwerin were buried on the cemetery army route in Berlin Charlottenburg.

films (selection)

  • 1933 child, I look forward to your coming
  • 1934 once a large lady its
  • 1935 fresh wind outCanada
  • 1935 of a too much on board
  • 1935 lady Windermeres fan
  • 1935 family Schimek
  • 1936 men before the marriage
  • 1937 humans without native country
  • 1937 the Göttliche Jette
  • 1937 my friend Barbara
  • 1937 girls for everything
  • The 1937 Gabriele unity, two, three
  • 1938Women for golden Hill
  • 1938 it shine the stars
  • 1939 mistake of the heart
  • 1939 a woman for three
  • 1939 the luck live next door
  • 1939 the loving
  • 1939 woman to tax
  • 1939 my man may not know it
  • 1940 all swindle
  • 1941 noise in front spar from
  • 1941 light MUSE
  • 1942 the large love
  • 1944 family book wood
  • 1944 the master detective
  • 1944 the woman of my dreams
  • 1945 the old song
  • 1950 I believe 1953 in
  • you the uncle from America
  • 1954 with you were it always so beautifully
  • 1954 money from air
  • 1956 a heart strike for Erika
  • 1957 Casino de Paris
  • 1960 Freddy and the melody of the night
  • 1961 oh Egon!

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