Greek civil war

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The Greek civil war began in June 1946 and ended to 9. October 1949. It designates the conflict between the communist DSE and the conservative Greek government, which were militarily supported by Great Britain. A kuzzeitiges play to this bloody civil war it to the turn of the year 1944/45 in the so-called battle around Athens had already given.

a cause and war process

of federations of the ELAS had themselves after the agreement of Varkiza to 9. Opposed and had gone to April 1945 of the disarmament partially to Yugoslavia into the exile. The Greek communist party (KKE) it succeeded to unite the individual left groups again to an individual combination, which arose starting from December 1946 under the name DSE.

A goal of the DSE were among other things free parliamentary elections and departure of all foreign troops (above all the British), which were stationed in Greece as consequence of the Second World War still. The civil war began first with Guerillaaktionen against police and military post, supplying camp, transportation facilities among other things, while the KKE at the same time led however still political negotiations with the Greek government. By the success of its armed actions encouraged terminated the KKE however finally this “double strategy” and was exclusively shifted on forcing military success.

In the border area to Albania and Yugoslavia it succeeded to bring the DSE larger areas under its control. The DSE proclaimed these areas to the released Greece and even used its own government (PDK), that found however no international acknowledgment. The DSE was supported also of the NOF, a rebel organization, which consisted particularly of Mazedoniern and fought for a geeintes Macedonia.

The UN tried to intervene, however by a repeated veto of the Soviet Union was blocked. When finally the British government admits the departure of its troops from Greece in March 1947 gave, the DSE turned into to the offensive, which flowed even into open battles. Their goal - the conquest of larger Greek cities - could not reach the DSE however.

To the turn in the civil war in favor of the Greek government finally two factors led. On the one hand announcing the Truman doctrine at the 12.März 1947. The USA carried out thereupon solid financial and arms assistance and sent military advisers (however in contrast to the British no troops), who formed an Greek-American general staff and whom reorganized Greek army. On the other hand it came 1948 to the break between Tito and Stalin, why Yugoslavia stopped its logistic support for the DSE.

The Greek army could back-conquer gradually of the DSE occupied area. To 9. October 1949 finally decided the central committee of the KKE in Albania the attitude of the fights. To isolated shootings it however also still came after this day.


the DSE one had completely defeated. The KKE guidance set off from Albania over Hungary to Moscow . Ten thousands left Greeks were put into reeducating camps or went into the exile. The communist party of Greece remained discredited and insignificant on years outside. The number of the dead ones of both civil wars varies depending upon indication between 44.000 and 158.000, those of the refugees during the wars between 80.000 and 703.000, most of it slawisch Macedonian origin. Slawi Mazedonier was zwangsdeportiert into the south and south Greeks in the northern Macedonia resettled around the Macedonian language and culture to displace. The slawisch Macedonian language was forbidden under menace by terms of imprisonment and torture. The Greek economy was destroyed by the three wars (the Second World War, first and second civil war) in short consequence and the country devastated.

Until 1963 the rights governed, partly even by choice manipulations in Greece.


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