Large seas

the large seas, general map

the large seas (English. Great Lakes) are a group of five connected fresh water lakes in North America. With approximately 245,000 km ² they form the largest Binnensüsswasser surface of the earth ( the Baikalsee those exceeds Large lakes however still in the Binnensüsswasser volume, there the Baikalsee is very deep). The maximum difference in height between the individual large one lakes is with approx. 150 m, the largest part of it form the cases of Niagara between the Erie and the Ontariosee.

The large seas of the satellite from
the large seas in the cross section

the large seas are only fresh water waters, with those tides are noticeable.

The Michigan lake is appropriate as only the large seas completely in the USA, the other four lies along that Canadian - US-American border. They are drained by the sinking Lorenz stream into the Atlantic. Over the Intracoastal Waterway as well as that Illinois Waterway exists a ship travel connection to the Mississippi River.

The large seas are an important reservoir for water supply of the USA and Canada. By the strong settlement and industrialization of the area it came however to a ever higher pollution impact andto the mass massenvermehrung of brought in animal and plant types, as for instance the nine-eye and the Zebramuschel. A water protection agreement was agreed upon 1978 by the USA and Canada.

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