Grand Duchy of Hessen

data in the year 1910
state capital: Darmstadt
surface: 7,692 km ²
inhabitants: 1.282.051
population density: 167 Einwohner/km ²
voices in the Upper House of Parliament: 3
Kfz characteristic: VO, VR, VS
Hessen 1866–1945
Hessen 1866-1945

the Grand Duchy of Hessen, come out from the realm principality of the land county Hessen darmstadt,a Federal State of the German Reich was from 1871 to 1919.

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the colors of the flag built itself up from top to bottom as follows:

  1. Putrefacción Ein de Ein
  2. ViertelHalf white
  3. a quarter of red


the realm principality of the land county Hessen darmstadt goes on the division of the land county Hessen to death Philipp I. in the year 1567 back, which took place according to the ancient hereditary rules in the hessian prince house. Of the four lines Hessen darmstadt, Hessen Kassel, Hessen Marburg and Hessen Rhine rock became extinct two the latter until 1604. The inheriting and denomination controversy over Hessen Marburg Hessen darmstadt and the older line brought Hessen Kassel into embittered, opposition for many decades, which overlaid starting from 1618 with the dreissigjährigen war. As reaction on of Moritz the scholar(of Hessen Kassel) at the totalhessian university Marburg forced denomination change created Hessen darmstadt 1607 the lutherische University of pouring.

In the year 1622 by Erbteilung Hessen Homburg was separated made of Hessen darmstadt.

With the realm deputation main conclusion of 1803 Hessen darmstadt could win some areas in addition, Hessen Kassel at the same time to the cure principality was raised. 1806, in the course the Rhine federation carried by Napoleon - establishment, took place, against position of high military contingents at France, for Hessen darmstadt the collections to the Grand Duchy of Hessen. 1815/16 further areas were added, among other things Worms, Alzey, being gene and Mainz, which were called Rhinehesse. 1815 stepped the Grand Duchy of Hessen darmstadtthe German federation . After the defeat in the war of 1866 Hessen darmstadt the so-called hessian hinterland at Prussia transfer , likewise the areas of the Landgrafentums Hessen Homburg , had which was fallen to the Grand Duchy only at the beginning of the yearly after expiring the there collateral line. For thatnorthern part (upper Hessen) it became 1866 member north Germans of the federation, 1871 became it Federal State of the again-created German Reich.

During the March revolution 1848 became temporary the well-known liberal Heinrich of Gagern Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy. It represented the Rhine-hessian areas also in the national assembly, of themPresident it was occasional.

After the First World War Hessen darmstadt became the republican republic Hessen from the Grand Duchy.

land counts

Grand Dukes

administrative arrangement

the Grand Duchypossessed three provinces:

for the more exact administrative arrangement of Hessen see republic Hessen.

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