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a great power is a State of, that compared with other statesmore power has. In addition, usually thereby military power is regarded, it can be applicable other aspects of power ( for example economic power), if they help to affect the decisions of other states.

Great powers can regionally - for example on a Subkontinentto be referred - or global regarded. With a global great power one speaks also of superpower.

In the modern times applied however also Spain, Portugal, Austria Hungary and the Osmani realm as great powers. In the course of the Entkolonisation of central and South America in 19. Century and of the 1. World war lost however these countries their status as great power again.

Before the beginning of the Second World War applied the German Reich, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, the Soviet Union and the USA as great powers.

After the Second World War first winner powers became National China (today Taiwan), France, Great Britain, the Soviet Union and the USA as great powers or also world powers outstandingly. After the USA had recognized communist China, the allied power status Taiwans turned into officially on the People's Republic.

Since the circulations in the course of the war the possession of nuclear weapons becamelikewise as status symbol of a great power outstandingly. Therefore the power-politics status is also today controversially discussed by nations such as India , Pakistan or Israel still.

After the end of the Soviet Union and that the whereabouts of the USA as only world power speaks one again increased of regional great powers,to those, beside which countries possessing atomic weapons, states are counted such as Brazil , Japan and the Federal Republic of Germany.

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