the grossmast is with sailing boats with a mast evenly this, with a Schoner (two-masted sailing boat) the achtere and with Ketsch and Yawl the front mast; in both cases this is the larger mast. With sailing boat types (Grosssegler) with three and more masts is italways the second mast, which is not in every case also the highest mast. That was with large Fünfmastern (POTOSÍ, PRUSSIA, R. C. RICKMERS) the Mittelmast. Some multi-master as for example the KØBENHAVN had four cream branches of same height, or thatlarge US American Schoner THOMAS W. LAWSON had sieves equal high masts. In the deviating English terminology of the ship masts it is called “Main mast”, which means “main mast” exactly. This term appears for example as designation of the third mast with four-mast to vollschiffen. Sometimes it becomes also “mizzen mast”called. Here it must be however said that the English system is only little fixed and can therefore from ship to ship be different.

The grossmast is divided into:

  • Grossuntermast
  • Grossmarsstenge
  • Grossbramstenge
  • Grossflaggenkopp

the sails, which are driven at it are called:

  • Grosssegel
  • large under Mars gel
  • large main topsail
  • large under topgallant sail
  • large main topgallant sail
  • Large royal sail
  • Grossskysegel

corresponding one the hot Rahen:

  • Largely (under) rah
  • Grossuntermarsrah
  • Grossobermarsrah
  • Grossunterbramrah
  • Grossoberbramrah
  • Grossroyalrah
  • Grossskyrah

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