Large master (medal)

this article treats the medal title. For further meanings of the term see large master

large master the highest dignitary by knight medal one called, which stood thus at the point of the organization (religious title).

The large master of the Templer was selected by the general chapter, with whose agreement he selected also the remaining dignitaries of the medal. Only after Arnaud de Toroga (see also list of the large masters of the Templerordens) the decision by a committee of thirteen electors one met.

With the temple knights a large master from Outremer was selected in principle. If one could not agree on a new large master from the holy country, the choice fell gladly on a Spanish province master. Thus it was ensured that the new master had enough combat experience, what by the permanent war guidance of the Templer was vitally necessary.

Due to the medal rule the members in all interests made a commitment to absolute obedience to their large master. Despite its primacy its power was reduced by the chapter. It did not have thus the possibility of amending the statutes arbitrarily in order to strengthen its influence.

Also at the point of the Malteserordens a large master (large master of the Malteserordens) stands.

Also in the today still existing lay knight federations the chairman carries the title “Grossmeyster”.


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