Large-capacity aircraft

airbus A330 of the Swiss

a large-capacity aircraft is an airplane with more than 5 m trunk diameters and at least two courses (English: Twin Aisle) in the passenger cab.

Compared with airplanes with a course (Singel aisle or Narrow Body) offers large trunk diameters a set ofAdvantages:

  • The two courses accelerate in and stepping out procedure and thus a dispatching of the machine.
  • The cargo precipitates clearly more largely.
  • The surface of the airplane related to its volume is smaller. Thus air resistance per passenger is lower. Which by the higher portion of the twoCourses to the cab width and the bad use of the height of the cab again one relates. One could also say: The washed around trunk surface is proportionel to the square the cab width of a circular trunk diameter. The volume of the airplane grows cubically to cab width.
  • The length of the airplane remains limited.This reduces the danger that the tail touches down with takeoff or landing. However this problem exists also with large-capacity aircraft, which are very long (A340-600).
  • The passengers feel the space feeling as pleasant.

In the long run large-capacity aircraft make higher passenger numbers possible with smaller transport costs per passenger. (Scale effects)

the first large-capacity aircraftBoeing 747, the McDonnell Douglas DC-10, were the Lockheed L-1011 tri star and the airbus A300. The airbus A300 is to today the only large-capacity aircraft for the short distance, all different belongs to the category of the long-range aircraft. In addition are to today those Boeing 767, Boeing 777, the McDonnell Douglas MD-11, the airbus A310, Airbus A330, the airbus A340 and the Russian types Ilyushin Il-86 and IL 96 come.

Large-capacity aircraft produce proportionally to their mass strong eddy dragging, therefore it is inRadio traffic with airports usually to attach the reference Heavy to the call signal.


after Boeing 747 already had a two-story passenger cab, the airbus A380 with continuous second deck will open new dimensions.


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