Capital stock

the capital stock of a corporation or a limited partnership on shares is the legally prescribed minimum amount, which must be available on establishment of the society as capital and may not be fallen below.

The capital stock of a corporation must amount to at least 50,000, 00 EUR. In the balance of the enterprise becomesthe capital stock as drawn capital specified and is divided into shares, with which the membership right of the shareholders at the society is confirmed by a document. By the dismantling of the capital stock in shares (minimum amount 1.00 EUR per share; § 8 exp. 3 AktG) and their possible expenditure at in andmoneys are procured for foreign Börsenplätzen in the form of own capital funds. If some shareholders (shareholders of the society) sell their portions (shares), the capital stock remains invariably, there by the sales and/or. Purchase of portions only the partners (shareholders) change, which is however not changed capital stock of it.

In that Balance is considered the capital stock as the passive and is subordinated to own capital funds.

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