Gudrun Mebs

Gudrun Mebs (* 8. January 1944 in bath Mergentheim) is a German authoress.

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Gudrun Mebs was born in bath Mergentheim and spent its childhood in Frankfurt/Main. When it was 17 years old, it went through training as an actress and arose in different German cities (Duesseldorf, Luebeck, Goettingen, Wuppertal, Munich). 1975 visited it a circus school in Paris and learned the rope dance.

Since 1980 it writes Kinderbücher and is meanwhile a renowned authoress of the German child and youth book, there it also difficult problem and taboo - to topics for children projecting SAM and understandably represents. In addition it illustrates its books themselves and writes film scripts for the Second Channel of German Television - transmission “filter stone “(e.g. Follow night ghosts 1989).

Gudrun Mebs lives today as a free authoress in Munich and in the Toskana.

honors and honours

of works

  • goes only, perhaps meets you a bear, narrations, 1981
  • Birgit. A history of dying, 1982
  • Sundays child, 1983
  • as becomes' I only Daniela loosely?, 1984
  • a cup, red with white points, 1984
  • “granny!” walk the Frieder…, 1984
  • Kasper does not play no more also, 1985
  • and again walks the Frieder: “Granny! ”, 1985
  • baby cook pudding, for 1985
  • two fear hares, 1985
  • mostly geht's me well with you. , 1985 I
  • , where the key hangs, 1987 Mariemoritz,
  • 1988 Tim and
  • Pia knows child stories: all alone!, 1988
  • the Sara, which wants to the Circus, 1990
  • the moon becomes thick and again thin. A history of loving, 1991
  • granny and Frieder - now they cry again!, 1992
  • chocolate in the rain, 1992
  • broken knee, 1993
  • ten green Krötchen, 1995
  • parsley, cat child, 1996
  • Cat luck, 1997 correct and search wrongly
  • , 1997 without Suse look for cat,
  • cats, are nix! Stories of Grandpa Hans and Suse, 1998
  • Grandpa Hans, that is my friend!, 2000
  • of the Matze, of the Bella and of Schokoküssen, 2001
  • Mr. Leo and its Michael, 2003
  • you carried me forward simply, 2004

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