Guglielmo Marconi

Guglielmo Marconi; um 1908
Guglielmo Marconi; around 1908

Guglielmo Marchese Marconi (* 25. April 1874 in mansion Griffone with Bologna, † 20. July 1937 in Rome), Italian physicist and electrical engineer was a pioneer of wireless telecommunications.

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Guglielmo Marconi as a second son of the Italian land owner Giuseppe Marconi and its from Ireland of coming Mrs. Annie Jameson one bore. It received private training in Bologna, Florenz as well as Livorno and studied Bologna at the university. Already as a boy it interested in physical and electrical science and studied themselves the work of James Clerk Maxwell, Heinrich Hertz, Augusto Righi, olive Joseph Lodge and other one.


it are considered as a pioneer of wireless communication … since 1890 Marconi concerns itself with the wireless Telegrafie. it began 1895 with laboratory experiments on the Landgut of its father.

Later it shifted its laboratory on the chalk cliffs thatIsland Wight, let system be in Great Britain to patent (roasted. Pat. No. 12039) and 1897 create the enterprise Marconi' s Wireless telegraph Company Ltd. with seat in London. 1899 come it to the first wireless connection over the English Channel. To 12. December 1901 succeeded the first transatlantic radio transmission (between Poldhu (peninsula The Lizard, Cornwall) and Cape Cod (the USA)). The system is taken over by the war navy.

To 26. June 1905 received the first telegram of its history to Iceland, beforea submarine cable was laid. Since 1907 a wireless transatlantic Telegrafendienst exists for the public. In the year 1909 Marconi as well as Karl Ferdinand brown receives the Physiknobelpreis. Later it concerned itself with the use of short - and microwaves.It died to 20. July 1937 in Italy. Its grave is in the church Santa Croce in Florenz.

In appreciation of its achievements the Asteroid (1332) is designated Marconia after it.

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