Guillermo Cañas

Guillermo Cañas (* 25. November 1977) is an Argentine tennis player.

It won so far (2005) eight single titles, among other things 2004 the Mercedes Cup to Stuttgart white yard. In the double it was twice successful.

In August 2005 it became of the player trade union ATP because of Dopings retroactively the 11. June 2005 for 2 years closed. One could transfer it on the basis the excessive income of water-exhausting means, which are usually taken for the prevention of the proof by Anabolika. He is already the fourth tennis player of its country, who was transferred the abuse of medicines. Before Guillermo Coria, Mariano Puerta and Juan Ignacio Chela had become remarkable. The barrier of the Argentiniers ends thus at the 11. June 2007. Besides Canas, which reached 2005 the quarter final of the French open , must pay 276,070 back dollar of prize moneys. Beyond that the points of world rank list are taken off from it, which it had achieved in the questionable time.


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