the term rubber (from Egyptian kami - rubber arabicum) originally marked india rubber or other india rubber-similar Pflanzensäfte (milk), which when drying up by polymerization too plastic - flexible solids harden. They contain a water-soluble portion and rubber resins (Latex). Rubber is today a versatile material.

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rubber as material

as material rubber is designated today vulcanized india rubber. India rubber is in the milk (Latex) of tropical plantscontained and mainly from the Gummibaum (Hevea brasiliensis, a wolf milk plant) one wins. In nature it serves the protection of the tree, because it seals hurt places before bacteria contamination.

Today india rubber is however synthetically manufactured mainly . Synthetic india rubber consists usually of styrene and butadiene; other Rohstoffbasen is styrene acrylate, pure acrylate, vinyl acetate. The first economically usable was styrene butadiene india rubber, a further is neoprene.

The Latex consists of long Poly isopren - chains, which can be interlaced by additive of sulfur under pressure and heat, howthis very flexible material develops. This curing procedure mentioned 1839 were discovered by Charles Goodyear. The characteristic of the rubber consists of the fact that it is extremely stretchable.

A majority of the industriellen rubber production goes into the tire production, whereby different india rubber places are used, around an optimum at maximum stress,To obtain abrasion and road adhesion. Natural rubber is amber colors and becomes for motor-car tires with artificially manufactured soot for the modification of the characteristics (e.g. the abrasion, ultimate tensile strength, hardness) mixed. From this the black colouring results. For tires, which are already offered in different colors for the purchase, however high-activity becomes Silicate uses around the characteristics to improve.

Rubber is not for an unlimited period storable. Old erasers become brittle with the time, drain and erase no longer. Old rubber tires at the car are a danger, because they can burst while driving.

employment ofRubber

rubber can be used in many ranges.

  • Rubber clothes, e.g. to keep away as rubber boots around liquids and gases from the body. Gladly rubber clothes become under its special characteristics, like gloss, the special stretcher feeling, in particular the feeling of the enclosing unity with this strike-similar material, also for thoseErotism assigned.
  • The characteristic of the adhesive strength without will stick with the eraser used, which pencil - lines (actually lines from graphite) from paper removes.
  • Rubber can be up-foamed during the Vulkanisation by a propellant. The sponge rubber developed in such a way is processed to isolation materials and the like.
  • More foamedRubber becomes almost exclusively from synthetic rubber places (e.g.Neoprene) manufactured and finds vielfälltige application as isolation or flexible insulation, from the diver suit to the bed mattress.
  • For special applications also synthetic rubber or silicone rubber is used, the latters is a polymer on basis of silicon - Oxygen - chains with organic side's groups (see also: Silicone).
  • Rubber is also water-rejecting and can therefore as color to the wall be painted.
  • Also in the mining industry rubber often occurs. Particularly to the protection of the carcass of conveyor belts.

colloquial meanings of theTerm

„rubber “has also special colloquial meanings:

  • One-way of rubber gloves made of a pure and not vulcanized natural rubber.
  • „Give rubber! “= senseless acceleration - thus for the fact it ensures that as much as possible from the raw material on the road remains lying.
  • Rubber as synonym for condom.
  • Rubber trousers,e.g. as Fetischkleidung, as trousers for anglers or as waterproof rubber baby pants, usually also falsely as synonymous for comparable panties from PVC or PE - coated materials uses.
  • „“Mean children in a Verkürzung play rubber, if they liked to play Gummitwist.
  • The rubber bear does not become made of india rubber, but from another (edible) substance with rubber-like characteristics, e.g.Pektin or gel, manufactured.

Because of the smooth and flexible characteristics rubber is also a Fetischobjekt.

see also: Hard rubber

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