Gus Backus

Gus Backus (* 12. September 1937 in Southampton on Long Iceland in the State of New York; actually Donald Edgar Backus) is an US-American musician and hit singer.

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the hobbies< /b> musician Backus is stationed in the middle of the 1950er years with the US-Army in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania. There it closes the Doowop - group “Del Vikings” on, who 1957 with the titles “Come Go With ME” and “Whispering Bells” two Top Ten - quotations in US Charts to book itself can.

Still in the same year, to 28. July 1957, is abkommandiert Backus to Wiesbaden in Germany. It creates the group of vowels of “Vidells” there and takes up one year later during one homeland vacation of two own songs in Chicago . Success takes time however still.

Due to a advice of its brother-in-law Backus applies in writing 1959 at the disk company Polydor, whose success producer finally offers Gerhard Mendelson to the GI sample photographs and a contract. Some Singles , the predominantly German-language Cover versions American and British success titles, follow among other things contain by Elvis Presley , Paul Anka and Conway Twitty.

The break-through succeeds to Backus 1960 with the titles of “brown bar and white pigeon” and “spoke there the old chieftain”. In the first half of the 1960er years follow further successful Singles as well as innumerable appearances in music transmissions and -, with those Backus film been promoted to one of the most popular maintenance artists in the German-speaking countries.

Although it 1964 for the Polydor in Nashville among other things in each case a Hillbilly - LP in German and English language takes up, determine increasingly tendency, drinking and carnival songs the repertoire of Backus.

1965 land Backus with the title “beans into the Ohr'n” still another large hit. The originality of its plates decreases altogether however rapidly. In addition German-language music in the second half of the 1960er must maintain ground years increasingly against the arising< Beat> /b - wave.

1973 turn Backus the Showgeschäft the back and return to the USA , where he works among other things as a foreman on oil fields in Texas, while he in Germany occasionally than verschollen applies and is even dead-said.

To the 1980er years returns Backus to Germany, where he in vain tries with new and old music titles to participate on the success <of the Oldie> /b - wave. Backus, married, father of four children and repeated grandfather, lives in a house with Munich and does not want to set itself yet to the peace.

Diskografie (selection)


  • Singles My Chick Is Fine (1958
  • ) from time to time (1959
  • ) filters sweet Girls (1959
  • ) of brown bar and white pigeon (1960
  • ) spoke the old chieftain (1960)
  • I is A of quiet Zecher (1961)
  • the man in the moon (1961)
  • sauerkraut Polka (1961)
  • NO beer, NO wine, NO liquor (1962)
  • the song of fishing (1962)
  • the small miracle of the large luck (1962)
  • the moonlight at the Danube (1962)
  • my mould waits in the sky (1963)
  • Good Bye baby (1963)
  • if nevertheless each week times first was (1963)
  • Marylin (1964)
  • beans into the ears (1965)
  • egg, you beautiful shred bank (1966)
  • a suit-case of full souvenirs from Germany (1967)
  • Little Lilly (1972)
  • Lonely lady (1986)
  • Wennst koa Katz has, is A poor dog (1993)
  • all-dearest is i stop in Bavaria (2001)


  • I hab' my heart in Germany lost (1962)
  • Hillbilly Inn (1964)
  • Hillbilly hotel (1965)
  • its large successes (1965)
  • Backus into the ears (1966)
  • I is not quiet Zecher (1967)
  • … at that time (1980)
  • Welcome Gus Backus (1987)


  • hello! Gus Backus (1988)
  • the Singles 1959 - 1961 (1989)
  • Hillbilly hotel (1994)
  • My Chick Is Fine (1995)
  • the Singles 1961 - 1964 (1995)

Filmografie (selection)

  • Paradies of the sailors (1959)
  • my treasure, come also to the blue sea (1959)
  • gibt's nevertheless twice (1960)
  • the Adieu, living well-being, Goodbye (1961)
  • hit revue 1962 (1961)
  • our mad aunts (1961)
  • Isola Bella (1961)
  • … and you, my treasure, remain (1961) three
  • white Birken (1961) cafe
  • Oriental (1962) without
  • crime film never goes to Mimi here to bed (1962)
  • Our mad nieces (1962)
  • that have the girls gladly (1962)
  • the music and the love in Tirol (1963)
  • our mad aunts in the South Seas (1963)
  • Holiday in pc. Tropez (1964)
  • the merry women of Tirol (1964)
  • over courage in the salt chamber property (1964)
  • hotel of the dead guests (1965)
  • of thousand clocks over courage (1965)
  • I kauf' me rather an animal oiler hat (1965)

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