Gustav Adolf Pfeiffer

Gustav Adolf Pfeiffer (* 15. November 1837 in Lent with floats; † 7. December 1902 in Magdeburg) was an Evangelist minister and founder of the Pfeiffer donations in Magdeburg.

Gustav Adolf Pfeiffer


Pfeiffer was son of a teacher and studied after completing a High School in Züllichau Evangelist theology in Berlin.

A first employment found Pfeiffer as a teacher at the High School in Züllichau, later was it a house teacher. In the year 1869 it received a Pfarrstelle in woman city. 1870 it already became Superintendent of the Diözese woman city and Lissa. In the middle of 1881 transferred Pfeiffer the Superintenditur of parish district Jerichow I and the Pfarrstelle at the sink Briccius church to Magdeburg Cracau.

Here Pfeiffer was confronted with the social emergency among the workers of the quarter Cracau particularly inhabited by industrial worker families. Special attention he dedicated thereby to children, old and handicapped humans. 1882 it created an infant school with the patriotic woman association. Also a municipality care station developed.

1889 followed the establishment of the geriatric home Johannesstift, the today's Pfeiffer donations. In addition 1891 the Dorotheenhaus came for debile children and in October 1893 a nursing home for men. Pfeiffer engaged itself for the structure of a central welfare service for handicapped persons and started 1894 a corresponding supraregional initiative. Various collections of money took place for the reaching of the goal. 1899 became on the area of the donation a church, which opens Samariterhaus and three further houses. In the mechanisms Diakonissen were used, for which in May 1900 the mechanism of a deacon eating EN nut/mother house took place.


after death Pfeiffers the mechanism justified by it was renamed to its honours into Pfeiffer donations. Also an adjacent road carries the name Pfeifferstrasse.


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