Gustav Tauschek

Gustav Tauschek (* 29. April 1899 in Vienna; † 14. February 1945 in Zurich) was a Austrian pioneer of the information technology and developed in the time of 1922 to 1945 numerous improvements for the calculating machines at that time on punch card basis.

From 1926 to 1930 he worked for the Rheini metal and engine works in Sömmerda and developed there a complete punch cards - bookkeeping - system, which was however never produced in series. The prototype is today in archives of the technical museum in Vienna. After the Rheini metal and engine works created a subsidiary in the spring of the yearly 1928 for the development of punch card machines, the Rhine metal punch cards GmbH, this was bought up still in the same year to the safety device of the monopolistic position by IBM. Tauschek received a contract for five years and sold altogether 169 patents at IBM.

Tauschek died to 14. February 1945 in an inhabitant of zurich hospital at a Embolie.

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