Gustav of Mevissen

Gustav Mevissen, since 1884 Gustav of Mevissen (* 20. May 1815 in Dülken; † 13. August 1899 in Bad Godesberg) was a German entrepreneur and politician.

After a commercial theory in the enterprise of its father he transferred 1843 its linen thread factory to Dülken. He took part already before in the establishment of logistics enterprises and newspapers. Since 1841 Mevissen in Cologne lived. Although the textile industry core of its enterprises remained, it was in a multiplicity of industries actively, in particular in transport and heavy industry, insurance and the banking transaction. Starting from 1844 he was a president of the Rheini railway. It was involved in the establishment of numerous industrial enterprises, insurance companies and banks. To it for example the Cologne mine association, Hörder mine and hut association, the Stolberger of hut enterprises, the Kölni cotton spinning mill belonged and - to weaving mill AG, Kölni mechanical engineering AG, the citizens of Berlin general newspaper, the Agrippina insurance and the South German soil credit bank.

1848 it involved as of the Prussian state assigned state commissioner was considerably in the rescue of the Schaafhausen' bank association and its transformation into a corporation.

Already in recent years Mevissen was interested in literature, then he had already gathered a substantial library at the age of 20 years. Mevissen was a prominent representative of the rheinischen liberalism and came into the 1840er years in conflict with the Prussian state. 1847 refused its agreement to this to the assigning to activity in Cologne, already 1843 forbade it the Rheini newspaper along-created by it. Mevissen was member and founder of several social and caritativer associations. 1846 became Mevissen member of the Rheini Provinziallandtags, 1847 member in the Prussian combined federal state parliament. Of 18. May 1848 up to 21. May 1849 was it as a delegate for Hilchenbach member of the Frankfurt national assembly. 1850 it belonged to the Erfurter union parliament on and finally starting from 1866 - then long establishes and old liberal the Prussian manor-house.

As outstanding buyer, Mäzen and Industrieller he was from 1856 to 1860 a president of the Chamber of Commerce to Cologne.

1881 it promoted the establishment of the society for rheinische historical customer. To its initiative also the establishment of the urban Handelshochschule Cöln decreases/goes back in the year 1901 .

Apart from the title of a secret Kommerzienrats and the collection into the nobility he received Bonn to the university in the years 1885 and 1895. Those the city Cologne became Gustav of Mevissen to 25. April 1895 lent. To 23. December 1897 designated the city Cologne the road, which runs from the Riehler place to the Rhine, MeV eating road.

Gustav of Mevissen was buried on Cologne Melaten cemetery. Its nearly 15,000 books comprehensive collection it bequeathed to the city Cologne. Today these books are in the university and/or. Municipal library.

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