Good mountain Bible

the good mountain Bible of the LIBRARY OF Congress
Einband einer Gutenberg-Bibel
cover of a good mountain Bible
Der Anfang der Gutenberg-Bibel
at the beginning of the good mountain Bible

the good mountain Bible (because of the 42 lines also „B42 “or „B-42 “mentioned) developed between 1452 and 1454 in Mainz, as Johannes good mountain under guidance by Peter Schöffer, said with financial assistance of Johannes Fust and about 20 coworkers, estimated 180 copies of the Bible, more exactly the Vulgata in Latin language, printed.

With the pressure 290 of the mobile, re-usable type characters of the character font Textura / Schwabacher invented before by good mountain was used. The colored designs and initials were inserted by hand thereafter. With the help of numerous double letters (ligatures), abbreviations and special characters he reached an even line length, the so-called grouped style.

From this edition of the good mountain Bible today world-wide still 48 is well-known. One can visit two of it in the safe deposit area of the good mountain museum in Mainz. Most copies were printed on paper, only 30 pieces on valuable Pergament. 1987 were sold last one of these books: the purchase price of 9,75 million DM (approximately 5 millions Euro) is the highest, which was paid ever for a printing element.

The good mountain Bible is the most important book of the incunabulum - time. In the meantime all contents were digitized in-scanned and.

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of copies in the German-speaking countries




  • Bibliotheca Bodmeriana Cologny (paper)


  • Eberhard king: To the situation of the good mountain research. Updated extra charge. Publishing house Bibliotheca Rara. Münster 1995. ISBN 3-928518-25-9
  • Andreas Venzke: Johannes good mountain - the inventor of the printing and its time. 3. Edition. Beep he publishing house. Munich 2000. ISBN 3-492-22921-2 (therein a critical description of the good mountain Bible in such a way specified, their production and the role of good mountain)

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