CO-operational Republic of OF Guyana
Cooperative Republic of Guyana
Flagge Guayanas
Wappen Guyanas
(detail) (detail)
Wahlspruch: One People, One nation, One Destiny (close., “a people, a nation, a fate”)
office language English
capital Georgetown
system of government Präsidialrepublik
president Bharrat Jagdeo
surface 214,970 km ²
number of inhabitants 705,803 (conditions July 2004)
population density of 3.2 inhabitants per km ²
gros domestic product/inhabitant 987 US-$ (2004)
independence from Great Britain to 26. May 1966
currency Guyana dollar
time belt UTC -4
national anthem Dear country OF Guyana, OF Rivers and Plains
Kfz characteristic GUY
Internet TLD .gy
preselection + 592
Karte Südamerikas, Guyana hervorgehoben
Karte Guayanas

Guyana is a state in South America and is member of the Commonwealth and that CARICOM. It borders on Brazil, Venezuela and Suriname as well as on the Atlantic.

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Klimadiagramm Georgetown
climatic diagram Georgetown

Guyana lies between 2° and 8° northern latitude and between 57° and 61° of western length. The deepest point is onthe Atlantic - coast, highest point is the mountain Roraima with 2.835 M. At the border to Venezuela and Brazil the Guayana rises - mountains, after which the state was designated. The main river is the Essequibo, that in the south of theCountry rises and in the north into the Atlantic flows. The national park poet aero captivates by its Wasserfälle, and. A. the 225 m high Kaieteurfälle.

The population concentrates at the Caribbean coast; large parts of the inland are very thinpopulated rain forest.


the two largest cities in Guyana were during the last census to 15. September 2002 the capital Georgetown with a number of inhabitants of 34.179 and lime trees with a population of 29.572. During itself thoseNumber of inhabitants of Georgetown since the census halved 1970 from 63.184 to 2002 nearly, rose it in lime trees of 23.956 around 5.616 inhabitants.

The dye Georgetown had during the census 1991 still 151,679 inhabitants, in the year 2002 was it onlystill 137.330. Thus concentrate approximately 20 per cent of humans of the country in the capital region.

The largest cities are (conditions 1. January 2005): Georgetown of 32,563 inhabitants, lime trees of 29,521 inhabitants, new Amsterdam of 17,526 inhabitants and Corriverton of 13,079 inhabitants.

of the population form list

of the cities in Guyana [ work on ] for population with 52%. Black ones are represented with roughly 30% and half-breeds with 12%. The remaining peoples (Afghan, Chinese, European, Indians) form only one minority.

Even if the Indian stress the absolute majority, the Christianity is the mehrheitliche of people religion (approx. 20% catholic, 16% Anglikaner, 18% other Protestanten). The Hinduismus with 34% and the Islamwith 9% are nevertheless far common.

Colloquial languages is above all a partial kreolisiertes English, besides Hindi and other again-Indian languages as well as Indian languages.

The settlement is limited to a large extent to the coastal area. In the high country individual Indian trunks are settled.

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in 17. Century several British and Netherlands addresses were created. Only 1831 became the country as British Guayana the crowning colony, after the Netherlands and Great Britain had supplied themselves with to changes of power several times.

One of 6. to 31. March 1960 continuingConference over the condition of the British colony ended with the grant of extended autonomy. But the representatives British Guayanas could not succeed with their desire, immediately into independence dismiss to become. It was promised at that time for 1963.

Guyanafinally reached the independence from Great Britain to 26. May 1966 and became to 23. February 1970 to the republic. The development of Guyana became strong by the contrast between two communist parties, which brought the race question always the agenda,obstructed.1989 started the government of Guyana an economic programme, which caused a drastic turn away from nationally controlled planned economy, to a free free-market economy with open markets.

Guyana belongs to the organization of the Islamic conference since 1998 .

With Suriname exist for a long time territorial disputes, which at the 3. June 2000 escalated, when Surinamese naval forces an oil platform stormed and the Canadian employees driven out. Both states mobilized its armed forces, the conflict by bilateral discussions in Georgetown (Trinidad), were defused.


the president every five years are directly selected. He is the highest owner of the executive. The legislation lies at the national assembly. The right nature orients itself at the British model.

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administrative arrangement

Guyana is divided into ten regions. These are (in parentheses the capital):

Barima Waini (Mabaruma), Cuyuni Mazaruni (Bartica), Demerara Mahaica (Paradise), East Berbice Corentyne (new Amsterdam), Essequibo Iceland west Demerara (Vreed EN Hoop),Mahaica Berbice (away Wellington), Pomeroon Supenaam (Anna Regina), Potaro Siparuni (Mahdia), Upper Demerara Berbice (lime trees) and Upper Takutu Upper Essequibo (Lethem).

the country in its annual human right reports demanded human rights Amnesty international. Above all the lifelong detentions for gays and lesbians,as well as frequently also their abuse of national side.


the Guyana dollar is shortened according to ISO 4217 with GYD.

The Guyana dollar is not usable outside of the country and is subject to a relatively strong inflation. The smallest cash note hasa nominal value of 20 GYD, largest the one of 1.000 GYD. The 5,000 GYD light was not printed because of security doubts. In October 2004 one kept 230.00 GYD converted for a EUR. Credit cards are accepted only by larger business and banksand the account in US Dollar loads.


the majority of the Guyaner originally originates from India, therefore the culture of Guyana is today particularly coined/shaped of the Hinduismus and other Indian traditions.

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coordinates: 1°-8° N, 56°-61° W


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