György Dalos

György Dalos [ɟørɟ ˈdɒloʃ] (* 1943 in Budapest), Hungarian writer and historian.


associated for democratic opposition in Hungary. Since 1995 Dalos in Berlin, where he worked until 1999 as a director of the Hungarian institute for culture, lives insame year was he literary leader the Hungary emphasis of the Frankfurt book fair; it lives as an author in Berlin. György Dalos' father 1945 died at the consequences of the labour camp, in which he one-ate because of the Jewish origin of the family. It buildup first with the grandmother. Ita continuation wrote on George Orwells 1984 with the title “1985”.

To 4. January 2004 gave György Dalos an interview in the number of internmediate tonesof the Deutschlandfunk.


  • Seilschaften (novel), DuMont, Cologne 2002
  • the hiding place player, island publishing house, Frankfurt A.M. 1994, ISBN 3-458-16634-3
  • cutting, island publishing house, Frankfurt A.M. 1993, ISBN of 3-518-38666-2
  • proletarians of all countries, excuse me!, Edition Temmen, Bremen 1993, ISBN 3-86108-102-4


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