Hangs it more highly

film data
of German titles: More highly original title hangs
it: Slope 'Em High
production country: The USA
feature year: 1968
length (PAL - DVD): approx. 110 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 16
direction: Ted post office
film script: Leonard Freeman, Mel gold mountain
production: Leonard Freeman, Irving L. Leonard, Robert Stambler
music: Dominic Frontiere
camera: Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations H. Kline
cut: Leonard J. South

Clint Eastwood as a marshal Jed Cooper,
OD Begley as Cpt. Wilson,
Pat Hingle as a judge Adam Fenton,
Arlene Golonka as Jennifer,
James McArthur as a priest,
Charles McGraw as Sheriff Ray Calhoun,
L.Q. Jones as Loomis,
Dennis hopper as prophet,
Bruce Dern as Miller,
Mark Lenard as a public prosecutor

hangs it more highly is a Western with Clint Eastwood of director Ted post office from the year 1968.


Jed Cooper pulls with a herd of cow somewhere in the west around, when a group of cowboys explains to it that it concerns a stolen herd, whose owner was killed. Although Cooper maintains, hangs the herd to have legally bought it the Meute as a cattle thief. But before it dies, a marshal comes along, releases Cooper from his situation and takes him also in the prison. There its innocence is confirmed. The local judge offers due to his past as law guardian a position to Cooper as an urgently necessary marshal with good payment. This accepts and makes themselves on in the name of the law those to seek out, which did not let a fair negotiation become him too part.


  • after the dollar Trilogie world-wide enormous success had, returned Clint Eastwood to America. It more highly should be first film hangs after its artistic trip to Europe to be.

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