Hélène Boucher

Hélène Boucher (* 23. May 1908 in Versailles; † 30. November 1934 in Guyancourt with Versailles) was an early French female pilot. It flew 1934 the speed record over 100 km (485 km/h on the average) and became thereby the “fastest woman of the world “. The moreover one it held the elevator record with 5200 meters and further eight world records.

Boucher was a pupil of Michel Detroyat. The young, attractive art aviator was one of the most popular attractions at Flugshows in France and abroad.

The female pilot died, only 26jährig, with a practice flight in close proximity to Versailles, when the machine over the forest of Guyancourts fell. It was aufgebahrt as a first woman in Paris invalid cathedral. For its death the press made Detroyat and others, which spurred responsible “a young, innocent girl” to such a “dangerous sport”. It was struck post mortem to the knight of the Ehrenlegion.


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