Hélène Dutrieu

Helene Dutrieu (* 10. July 1877 in Tournai, Belgium; † 27. June 1961 in Paris), called the falcon girl, was a Belgian female pilot.

Hélène Dutrieu
Hélène Dutrieu


Hélène Dutrieu was the daughter of a Belgian army officer. Their career beganit as Kunstradfahrerin. Soon she discovered her love for the Fliegerei.1908 flew it for the first time (without flying hours) a Santos Dumont of the type Demoiselle - and made a break. Subsequently, she decided to learn flies correctly and after Raymonde de Laroche in France acquired brieflyit 1910 the pilot light of the Aéro club de Belgique. In the September of the same yearly it excited the attention of the public by a 45km non-stop flight from east end to Brügge.

During a flight 1911 in Florenz it - as only female Teilnehmerin of running - won thatdesired cup of the Italian king. In the autumn this yearly participated it in the wet outer boulevard flight day in the USA, where she won a price in the continuous flight. To 31. December placed it in 2 hours 58 minute a new distance world record for women on (254km). In the years1910 and 1911 won it in addition the Coupe Femina.

For its aeronautical achievements she was appointed 1913 the knight of the French Ehrenlegion.

As one of the few women Hélène Dutrieu was in the First World War in the use: As a member that Paris air guard protected it the capital forwardsAttacks of the German airplanes and military airships.

After the war it became Ambulanzfahrerin. In the Second World War it led a military hospital.

1922 married it a Frenchman and accepted the French nationality.

Hélène Dutrieu died 1961 84jährig.

aeronautical achievements

Hélène Dutrieu in ihrer "Demoiselle" (ca. 1911)
Hélène Dutrieu in their“Demoiselle” (approx. 1911)
  • First Belgian female pilot
  • 19. April 1910: First woman of the world, the one passenger flew
  • 1910: World record in the Langstreckenflug with a passenger (45km in 40 minutes)
  • 1911: First woman, who remained over one hour in air (1 hr. 11 min.) (it over-bidthis record shortly thereafter again with 2 hr. 45 min.)
  • 1910-11: Various stage-wins in the Coupe Femina (the Coupe Marie Marvingt won
  • 1914-18: First woman in that to Paris air guard

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