Elevator illness

as elevator illness one designates a complex of symptoms, which arises to z with humans, who go into large heights. B. when mounting high mountains starting from approximately 2000 M. In Latin America, where numerous large cities such as La Paz, Cuzco or Quito on up to over 3000 m in the Anden lie, are mentioned the elevator illness , Soroche, a constant problem for many native ones and traveler, not only one for mountain climbers.

Symptoms of the elevator illness are headache, appetite loss, nausea, vomiting, tiredness,Difficulty in breathing, swindle, ear rushing, sleep difficulties, edemas, as well as decreased water and salt elimination.

The cause lies in removing the air pressure with increasing height, with also the oxygen - partial pressure (D. h. the proportionate oxygen pressure) decreases. Thus first the oxygen admission takes inthe lung off and an oxygen under supply (hypoxia) occurs, since the body-own breath regulation depends particularly on the carbon dioxide content of the blood, whose content in the blood does not rise with removing air pressure. The body can itself throughan increase of the number of red blood corpuscles within fewer days in certain extent to this situation adapt. This adjustment is called Akklimatisation.

The main danger of the low pressure exists however in an accumulation of liquid (edema) in the lung and differentBody fabrics (z. B. the brain), which result from an increase of the blood pressure.

If one notices acute symptoms of the elevator illness with the mountain ascent, one should be begun the descent, evacuated in heavy cases, there itself the symptoms also when staying on same heightusually to still strengthen and in extreme cases to death lead can.

Newer research results showed that power means, which lower also the blood pressure help also against the elevator illness. In the Anden dte becomes out as means against elevator illness (also preventing)Sheets of the Cocastrauchs drunk, or these are chewed with lime. Controversially the preventive employment is discussed by Diamox. An application from Theophyllin to the improvement of the oxygen admission is probably generic term-oiled.

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