elevator of a small airbus

the elevator serves for the turn of an airplane or also an airship around its transverse axis. With the airplane thereby the angle of incidence of the bearing area and thus the lift change.

It concerns thereby as a rule a mobile surface at the tail unit, thoseby means of the control stick or control wheel around a transverse axis to move upward or down leaves itself. The elevator can be attached also to other places of the airplane. The airplane of the brothers WRIGHTs was a CAN pool of broadcasting corporations in such a way specified - construction (Entenflügler) and had the elevator in front.

The elevatorbecomes by mounting of a trim, e.g. a trim tab also for the longitudinal trim of an airplane uses.

The elevator any longer flowed against cannot it no more to the control not contribute (Deep stable). This can to the control loss and with low flight altitude to crash of the airplane lead.

See also: Flight control


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