Radio play

the radio play is the first original art form, which brought the radio out, later followed the feature. While the feature has a rather documentary character, it usually acts with the radio play around the production of fiktionalen texts.

The development of the radio play is closely connected with history by theatre and film. The radio play as dramatisierte production with distributed speaker roles is particularly popular in the German linguistic area.

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Radio play productions are teamwork, even if, contrary to the film, with the radio play often only the author (S.Radio play author) as authors is called. The author writes the text in co-operation with a drama door gene or an editor, - usually - the basis for radio play productionrepresents (production manuscript). The actual piece, which is sent later in the radio or driven out than hearing book, is a production, which is considerably coined/shaped by the director and the actors involved. Often the text is reworked thereby. (The final version, which corresponds to the wording of the piece, callsone transmission manuscript or control copy.) in addition is at a radio play production usually two clay/tone technicians (clay/tone and cut) and a Regieassistent takes part. For large productions, like in OTHER country, which becomes largest radio play production of radio history, frequently also a composer and a musician engaged.


As the first radio play A is considered comedy to OF more danger from smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Hughes, that the BBC to 15. January 1924 radiated. In Germany the first radio play became to 24. October 1924 sent. Hans Flesch radiated a “transmitter-play-grotesque” over “wave 467” named Zauberei on the transmitter,those the technical possibilities of the new medium broadcast experimentally used for the first time.

To 30. October 1938 ensured the Ursendung of The was OF the Worlds after H. G. Wells in New York for attention. Numerous concerned citizens announced themselves at the police in concern around onealleged Mars attack.

The radio play is able, also complicated consciousness procedures with the trick of the internal Monologes as well as the assembly from voices and noises to to clarify. The radio play stands out against the film in particular by the fact that tendencies, information, actions etc., similarly as with a book, without visual impressions to be mediated can.


Originalton - radio play uses excluding directly taken up acoustic material, which is installed the intended statement of the piece in accordance with, whereby the transition is flowing to ozone feature.

Beside the short radio play, itself primarilyby its length of a “normal” radio play, with respect to the last years with respect to the German radio landscape the category of the piece of hearing s differentiates was established. This term pieces with a length are named by up to 3 minutes, which usually tell no stories,separate impressions of the sound, tendencies and atmospheres mediate. Pieces of hearing usually use the collage - technology.

its own literary category is comparable to publication forms the radio play, with terms like “novel” or “novella”. There in the 70's-years the expression “radio play cartridge” (today speak one of hearing book) popular, the radio play is often confounded with a publication form.

The form, in which a radio play is published, depends on whether it concerns the production or the pure text version (send manuscript):

  • The production becomes particularly in the radio or(pseudo) live before public specified and is available as hearing book in the trade.
  • The text version appears printed in book form, how it was in the 50's and 60's popular particularly.

In addition there is the special case of the “correct” live-performance, if popular radio play rows like the three??? with speakers on a stage to be specified. In the reason it concerns thereby a theatre performance.


the oldest honor for German-language radio plays is since 1952 the annually lent radio play price of the war-blind. 1987 are as the second, less not meaning honorthe radio play of the yearly been added.

Further national and international radio play prices, see: Radio play price.



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