HYBNET (of hybrid wideband network) is called that pool of broadcasting corporations - internal glass fiber - power mains, which interconnect the attached locations (broadcasting corporations). In original planning also the Second Channel of German Television wanted to take part in the mechanism and the enterprise of the Hybnet, however already separated before the realization from the project. Some national broadcasting corporations of the pool of broadcasting corporations operate own nets, which develop on similar structures as the Hybnet in its catchment area. Fundamental technology of the Hybnet is SDH on the hierarchic level STM-16 with a nominal data rate of scarcely 2.5 Gbit/s.


the physical network topology is laid out in the form of two rings. At the north ring the locations Leipzig, Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Cologne and Frankfurt/Main are attached, the south ring divide with the north ring the clip Frankfurt/Main - Leipzig and connect the locations Saarbruecken, Baden-Baden, Stuttgart and Munich. Each segment of the rings consists of disjunkt (spatially separated) shifted glass fibers, which make 1+1 possible a protection of the physical connection.

net in the net

the HYBNET makes available as “net for all” different services, which were operated partially before times as independent nets.

  • The Corporate network (CN) places to the pool of broadcasting corporations broadcasting corporations and institutes for partner (ORF, SRG… ) ISDN connections over an own hardware to the order. Own Breakout points to the PSTN make possible an optimized and fail safe discussion Routing.
  • Over integrated AT IP are completed - Traffic ( network minutes MPLS) and permanent and temporally limited audio and video services in real time (clay/tone and Bildleitungen). Over the broadcast service multiplexers of Telekom's AT of Broadcast services can develop users audio and video connection in the Selbstwählbetrieb.


the Hybnet is operated on behalf the pool of broadcasting corporations by the German Telekom and administered of the pool of broadcasting corporations communications networks. For the pool of broadcasting corporations this form led to clear cost lowerings within the range of the telecommunication service achievements and data transfer.


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