HaShomer (השומר) was a self-defense organization of the Jews in Palestine during the time of the osmanischen rule. It was the predecessor organization of the Hagana.

The group was created 1909 in the evening of the Pessach in Kfar Tavor by members of a group named bar Giora. Their goal was the withdrawal of the Arab observers of the Jewish settlements. In Galiläa, where the group was created, there were most newer settlements. In one of them, Ilaniya, gave it already a group of Jewish observers. To the initial members belonged among other things Jitzhak Ben Zwi (late president of Israel), Alexander Zeid, Yisrael Schochat and Yisrael Galili.

HaShomer was a very much disciplined, strictly hierarchical organization. Their slogan read “in blood and fire is Judäa pleases, in blood and fire becomes it up ore marriages.”.

At initial difficulties, to the members of the group into the protection of the settlements to bring succeeded it to seize also in the more important settlements foot.

During the First World War many members were strictly punished by osmanischen crew power. Many fled in the exile, some were killed.

After the occupation of Palestine by the British the leaders of the Jewish movement arrived to the conclusion that it was necessary to develop a larger organization for self-defense. The Hagana developed.

Members of the group furnished also even settlements, like Tel Adashim, Tel shark and Kfar Giladi.


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