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The Haardt is a landscape in the Pfalz (Land of the Federal Republic Rhineland-Palatinate). The name “Haardt” becomes occasional falsely for” Haardtgebirge “or” Pfälzer forest“uses.

View of the Haardtrand of the larva castle with Eschbach northward

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in the geological sense is the Haardt an increment, those on the average scarcely 150 mhighly lies. It belongs to the South West German central mountain stage country (S. Web on the left of) and separate the Rhine ditch as hilly zone from approximately 85 km length and 10 to 15 km broad from the Pfälzer forest, it is pre-aged to which. Its east edge forms the Haardtgebirge alsothe Kalmit (673 m) as highest collection. In longitudinal direction by the Haardt the German crying race runs.


the favorable thermionics lets warm air climb at night at the slopes, while the cold flows off into the level,so that at the vine slopes of the Haardt straight exists a smaller danger of frost in spring and autumn.

Due to climatic conditions grow here in the open land also cowardly and almond trees as well as Kiwis and lemons.


the Haardt placesthe largest part of the Weinbaugebietes of the Pfalz. Main restaurant economics are viticulture and tourism, which are pretty often combined marketed. The viticulture municipalities to the Haardt are characterized in the article viticulture municipalities in the Pfalz.

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