of these articles is concerned with the Haardtgebirge in the Pfalz. For similar names see Haardt (term clarifying).
View of the Haardtrand of the larva castle with Eschbach from northward

the Haardtgebirge is a central mountain landscape in the Land of the Federal Republic Rhineland-Palatinate.

As part of the Pfälzer of forest that forms about 85 km long Haardtgebirge its east edge between bucking home in the north and silence in the south. Morphologically seen it represents a section of the western break line of the upper Rhine ditch .

To the Rhine level east the vine landscape of the Haardt follows the Haardtgebirge as narrow hilly strip, in which the German crying race runs.

Highest collection of the Haardtgebirges, at the same time also the entire Pfälzer of forest, is the 673 m high Kalmit with May chamber.

From the Middle Ages numerous castles and castle ruins originate, of which the most well-known Hambacher is lock, which was called original box castle and because of the Hambacher of celebration from 1832 to the liberty symbol became.

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