of these articles is concerned with the biological meaning of the word, for the living and settlement program of the United Nations, sees HABITAT.

A Habitat (= residence, habitat; Neutrum; v. lat.: habitare = live) designate the characteristic livingor location, which a kind settles.

The term Habitat decreases/goes back to the natural scientist Carl von Linné and in the German-speaking countries is primarily autökologisch understood. A Habitat can quite consist thereby of several biotopes, while a biotope severalHabitate to make available can. Covers the entire habitat of an individual and/or. a population several differently structured areas, then of complementary Habitaten one speaks. This is particularly with mobile, moving kinds such as fish or migratory birds the case. Also with other animalsof complementary or Teilhabitaten one speaks, if these different functions as for instance those the food intake, to which reproduction or the retreat fulfills.

In the English-language area the term Habitat is used partly also synonymously for the term biotope, understood thus synökologisch.

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