Hambach at the crying race

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Hambach Hambach (red)
the town center of new city

Hambacher lock

of vineyards with Hambach

Hambach at the crying race was once a winegrower village and became in the year 1969 as local part into the circle-free city new city at the crying race (Rhineland-Palatinate) in in common December, which borders directly northern. Germany far is the place admits lock and the Hambacher celebration, which took place there 1832 by the Hambacher.

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Hambachs name deduces itself from the Frankish place Haganbach , which found and on a brook run points 865 documentary mention for the first time, which comes from a “Hague”, a light forest. The three original settlement cores upper, central and Unterhambach grew together for a long time. Unterhambach is equated usually with its most important road, the other lane one .

democracy movement

Hambach is considered to a certain extent as cradle of the German democracy, because on the close Hambacher lock came it 1832 to a large liberty demonstration, which was received as Hambacher celebration into the historical books.


1969 ended the independence of the village with the incorporation into the city new city at the crying race.


of Hambach is on approximately 150 m over NN in the Vorderpfalz because of the western edge of the upper Rhine ditch.


the situation at the edge of the lowlandses causes a mild climate. Cold air masses, which arise every now and then at spring nights and lead then to late frosts, slide from the slopes to valley and flow off into the level. The striking same suppl., Heidelberg and lock mountain, which belong to the Haardtgebirge, pre-aged in the west, hold a majority of the precipitation.


favorable climatic conditions make possible the cultivation of first-class wines. Well-known wine situations are:

  • Pfaff close approximately
  • Rebstöckel
  • fire
  • Roman well

the plants will only not marketed lock mountain into all world, but can in Weingütern, wine tubes and restaurants also locally be cost.

Likewise in the open land mature Esskastanien, almonds, figs and Zitrusfrüchte. In particular the lock mountain is noticeable in the summer already from a distance by lightgreen leaves of the Esskastanien, which constitute 80% of the tree existence there.

Hambach is nationally recognized Erholungsort and possesses at the eastern local edge a large heated open-rir swimming pool.

population trend

with its attractive Hanglagen had Hambach always great importance as high-quality living suburb of new city. Meanwhile (2004) the number of the inhabitants is with approximately 5.500. Thus Hambach the largest Neustadter is local part.


the traffic route Hambachs is made by the federal motorway 65 (connection point new city south) into the directions Ludwigshafen at the Rhine and Karlsruhe as well as the federal highway 38 and the German crying race, which are called here also as local road “crying race”, leading by the place, north after new city. Southward the German crying race reaches a further local part of new city after 1 km the the field.

objects of interest

everywhere in the place gives it wells worth seeing.


  • Andergasser one celebration (1. Weekend in May)
  • well and Gässelfest (3. Weekend in June)
  • Jakobus Kerwe (last weekend in July)
  • meetings on the Hambacher lock (all-season)


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coordinates: 49° 20 ′ 10 " n. Break, 8° 7 ′ 48 " o. L.


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