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Free one and Hanseatic city Hamburg
Flagge der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg
„Die Freiheit, die die Alten erwarben, möge die Nachwelt würdig erhalten.“
base data
surface: 755.16 km ² (15. as dt. Land of the Federal Republic)
inhabitant: 1.744.215 (November 2005)
Population density: 2,300 inhabitants per km ²
(2. as Land of the Federal Republic)
unemployment ratio: 11.7% (January 2006)
debts: 17.114 € per inhabitant (March 2006)
debts entirely: 29.7 billion €
(March 2006)
postal zip codes: 20001-21149, 22001-22769
(old: 2000, 2050, 2100-2104)
27499 (old: 2191)
Telephone preselections: 040
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 53° 33 ' N, 10° 0 ' O
53° 33 ' N, 10° 0 ' O
height: 3 m and. NN
Kfz characteristic: Rear spar
municipality key: 02 0 00 000
city arrangement: 7Districts with
104 quarters
ISO 3166-2: DE-HH
official Website:
of first mayors: Oils of Beust (CDU)
a governing party: CDU
allocation of seats in
the citizenry

(121 seats):
CDU 63
(official final result)
last choice: 29. February 2004
next choice: 2008
parliamentary agency
voices in the Upper House of Parliament: 3
Hamburg in Germany
Hamburg in Deutschland.
districts in Hamburg
Bezirke in Hamburg.

the free one and Hanseatic city Hamburg (down-German and Danish Hamborg, Latin Hammonia)a country of the Federal Republic of Germany and second largest city of Germany as well as sixth-largest of the European union are as city state.

Hamburg is center of the European Metropolregion Hamburg, one that altogether eleven European Metropolregionen in Germany.

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Hamburg lie in Northern Germany at the delta of Alster and Bille into the Elbe, which continues to flow 110 km northwest into the North Sea. The natural Tidehafen extends over the whole width of the Elbe, mainly upthe south bank of the Norderelbe opposite the quarters pc. Pauli and Altona. The two banks are connected by bridges in the east as well as by the old person and new Elbe tunnel. The country south and north the river is Geest, lain more highlySurfaces, which resulted from the sand and rubble deposits of the glaciers during the ice ages. Directly at the river lying marches on both sides of the Elbe over centuries by the tide water of the North Sea and sand and mud were inundated unloaded.In the meantime the Elbe is however reciprocally einge deicht. Old dyke plants still remind in the external places of the time, when with flood whole quarters stood under water. The Alster is a river, which is accumulated in the city center, whereby oneKind lake in the city center develops. This „lake “is split, in the larger Aussenalster and the smaller Binnenalster umschlossene of the historical core of the city. The supplies to the Alster like the Alster are partially canalized in the closer city.They are mostly gesäumt of expanded public park plants. The innumerable fleets, rivers and channels are spanned of more than 2500 bridges. Hamburg is thereby the bridge-richest city of Europe and has more bridges than Venice (400), Amsterdam (1.200) and Londontogether. Therefore Hamburg also Venice of the north is called.

The today's borders of the city Hamburg exist only since the large Hamburg law, that with effect of the 1. April 1937 into force stepped. The city is to Berlin both from the surfaceand of the number of inhabitants the second largest city of Germany.

Hamburg borders north the Elbe on Schleswig-Holstein and south the Elbe on Lower Saxony. The islands new work, crowd horn and Nigehörn as well as the national park lain in the Elbe delta in the North SeaHamburgi Wattenmeer belong also to Hamburg cities, to the district to center.



highest collection is with 116,2 m and. NN of the Hasselbrack in a north from runner of the Harburger of mountains.

See also: List of the collections in Hamburg

adjacent cities andMunicipalities

following cities and municipalities border on the city Hamburg; they are called in the clockwise direction beginning in the northwest:

administrative arrangement

major item: List of the districts in Hamburg

Hamburg consists today of seven districts:

north Wandsbek mountain village Harburg the districts their own district parliament . ThisDistrict meetings have legally however the position by administrative committees, authority very reduced with. Each district is divided into several quarters, from which there are 104 in completely Hamburg altogether. Some quarters within the core range so mentioned of the district become direct by the concernedOffice for district administered, for the other quarters of the district gives it its own local exchange in each case. Altogether 15 local exchanges were furnished.


Klimadiagramm Hamburg.
climatic diagram Hamburg.

Due to the maritime influences is the climate moderate as in the eastern hinterland. The warmestMonth is July with on the average 17.0 °C, coldest January with 0,0 °C. Temperatures over 25 °C are not in the high summer rarity. Since the 1990er-Jahren 20. Century became - possibly in the course of the global heating up - alsoPoint temperatures of up to 37,3 °C (9. August 1992) measured. In the course of a yearly fall on the average 714 mm precipitation and on 52 days in the year lower themselves nebula banks over the city; in the winter term it can become very stormy. The climateis all year round humid. Spring and early summers are the best travel time for an attendance of Hamburg, however rainfirm clothes belong in the luggage.


inhabitant development.

inhabitant development

major item: Demography of Hamburg

Hamburg was in 17. Century thoselargest city of Germany, since it had remained exempted from the dreissigjährigen war.

Hamburg achieved its so far highest inhabitant conditions with 1.9 million in the year 1964. Exodus from the cities and suburbanization led afterwards to a decrease in population until 1986 on approximately 1.6 million inhabitant. Since thenis the total population on 1.738.846 (conditions 1. August 2005) risen. For the coming 20 years for Hamburg a further population rise is forecast. In the middle variant of the projection with a number of inhabitants from approximately two million one proceeds. Hamburg would be therebythe most strongly increasing German metropolis.

The population structure of Hamburg is a multi-cultural society: In December 2004 approximately 255,070 inhabitants possessed a foreign passport, that are 14.9% of the entire population. more…


major items: Religion and world view inHamburg

Hamburg is since the reformation an Evangelical-Lutheran coined/shaped city (37% of the population (2002)). By its position as important port it was however for a long time open for other denominations. Thus here for example 1834 the first German Baptistengemeinde developed.Also for the Apostoli communities the Hanseatic city is an important place. From here on taken place the separation of the general Christian Apostoli mission from the catholic Apostoli municipalities , and the development to the Neuapostoli church. In addition Hamburg is since 1995 seat of the Roman-catholic ore diocese Hamburg with its center in the cathedral church pc. Marien. 2003 were the portion of the Roman-catholic citizens about 10,3%. Beyond that there is since the 1960er-Jahren an important portion of Muslim population, as well as a blossoming Jewish municipality.To 22. June 1957 was opened in Stellingen the first mosque of Germany after the Second World War by the Ahmadiyya Muslim municipality. Hamburg is also the place of birth of the Jesus Freaks.


until far in 19. Century was Niederdeutsch the general colloquial language in the city. Then it became of the high German, that already since that 16. Century increasingly as writing language use found, ever more strongly back-pushed and disappeared around the center 20. Century finally to a large extentfrom the public use.

That Hamburg flat is understood and spoken however still of many Hamburgern as well as as in completely Northern Germany in literature, newspaper columns etc. maintained (see for example Hamburgi dictionary).

However that differs Hamburg dialect for exampleof of Bremen the dialect or of the flat German of other north German regions. The down-German influence remains pervasive in the high German and particularly manifests themselves in „the Missingsch “. The most well-known place of the dialect care in Hamburg is the Ohnsorg theatre, performances in down-GermanLanguage offers.See also: Hamburg dialect.

Since the strong immigration waves into the 1960er years in many accomodation of Hamburg special subpopulations established themselves, so that different migration and language islands apart from the German language are present (Portuguese language in the dockland(„Portuguese quarters “), Turkishly and Kurdish in Altona, sp George, Veddel and Wilhelmsburg).


major item: History of Hamburg

Jungfernstieg um 1895.
young remote stairs around 1895.

On 4. Century v. Chr. date the oldest firm dwellings. Of 4. to in 6. Century took place an inflow from Saxonia into the nordelbischen area.

In the year 810 Karl the large one let a baptizing church establish, in order to missionieren the heidnischen north. To its safety device the castellet Hammaburg was built. Ludwig justified 831the pious one here a diocese, which became later short time the ore diocese. But after the handing hurrying of Verdun Wikinger already briefly attacked the region, later the slawischen Obodriten, the archbishop shifted its seat to Bremen. Considerably throughby emperor Friedrich I. Barbarossa 1189 lent port right and the trade privileges for the whole Unterelbe developed the city in the Middle Ages to a flourishing commercial centre and applied with its for temporarily 600 breweries as brewing house of the Hanse. In 14.Century developed Hamburg as one of the first members of the buyer federation Hanse to the most important German envelope and staple between north and Baltic Sea. Starting from 1510 Hamburg applied finally as realm city. 1558 were opened there the first stock exchange of Germany, in the year 1678 the first German opera. The reformation time the city state without blood pouring became Evangelist, 1619 was Hamburg the largest city of Germany. Their cultural bloom experienced the city particularly in 17. and 18. Century and. A. with the establishment of the Hamburgi national theatre (1767).

Also after the fall of the Hanse and during the clearing-up and the industrialization the city remained the most important economic center of Northern Germany (beside Berlin). In its eventful history the city was subordinate both to the Danish king crown, was partthe holy Roman realm of German nation, and capital of the department Elbmündung (department Bouche de l´Elbe) in the French Empire of (Hamburg Frenchman time). 1813-14 were besieged Hamburg by the Russian general Bennigsen. As free city it stepped 1815 after that Viennese congress the German federation . 1867 became it member by Otto von Bismarck initiated north German of federation. 1871 joined Hamburg the German Reich. Special events of the modern times were the large Hamburg fire 1842, a devastating Choleraepidemie 1892, bombardments in the Second World War and the storm tide 1962. In the national socialism the Jewish municipality was pursued destroyed, Jewish Hamburg inside and Hamburg, deportiert and murdered. Also Roma and Sinti, oppositionals, homosexual ones and others were pursued andmurdered. On Hamburg cities was the KZ Neuengamme, originally an external bearing of the KZ Saxonia living, starting from 1940 an independent concentration camp.

Of Hamburg politics to greatest possible liberty of its trade and political independence had always been aligned. Also today still is Hamburgas city state to a large extent independently and offers to the trade with his free port good conditions.


major item: Politics in Hamburg

Sitzverteilung in der Bürgerschaft

the new elections to 29. Ended to February 2004 to the Hamburgi citizenry for the first time with an absolute majority for those CDU, which places since 2001 with oils of Beust the first mayor. The SPD, which had long governed 2001 44 years ago, had to accept clear losses and achieved its worst election result after that 2. World war. The green alternative listcould however scarcely 4 per cent points add. The FDP, whose luckless school senator Rudolf long one had withdrawn briefly before the new elections, failed because of the five-per cent hurdle. The party of right-national offensive lost after the exclusion of its polarizing Galionsfigur Ronald Schill 98%their voices and came only on 0,4% (2001: 19,4 %). Also its new grouping ProDM/Schill did not create with only 3.1% the jump into the Hamburgi citizenry.

See also: List that Hamburg mayor

foreign agenciesin Hamburg

the economic meaning of Hamburg for the foreign trade of the Federal Republic of Germany („Hamburg, the gate to the world “) led to the fact that numerous consular agencies in the Hanseatic city established themselves. Hamburg is therefore with 99 consulates (October 2005) to Hong Kongthe city with most consulates of the world. For this rank in particular the Scandinavian countries as well as the countries, among those already since earliest time trade relations over the port existed.

See also: List of the consulates and commercial representations in Hamburg


Hamburg has supraregional meaning as handels, traffic and service center and ranks among the most important industrial sites in Germany.

Most important industries are consumer goods industry, aircraft industry (third biggest location world-wide), chemistry, electro-technology, machine and shipbuilding, mineral oil economy, banks, media.

Since 2002 the senate strives, with the examplemetropolis Hamburg - increasing city “the economic situation to remove and a long-term population growth to achieve. As starting point the senate pursues a combined strategy from stabilization of Hamburg of international radiant emittance andthe activation of endogenous Potenziale (FHH 2001:71).


excellent one hotel in Hamburg are the Royal Meridien Hamburg ***** with 284 rooms, the Kempinski hotel Atlantic ***** with 252 rooms and the Dorint Sofitel at the old barrier ***** with 241 rooms as well as the largest, thatRadisson SAS hotel Hamburg ****, with 560 rooms. In Hamburg the most important hotel chains reside world-wide, like Kempinski, Mercure, intercontinental, Crowne Plaza, Le Royal Meridien, Radisson SAS, Mariott and maritime.

the 12 largest employers in Hamburg after thatNumber of persons employed (conditions: 2005)

  1. Airbus Germany GmbH, 10,900 coworkers
  2. LBK national enterprise of hospitals Hamburg GmbH, 10,300 coworkers
  3. German Lufthansa AG, 10,090 coworkers
  4. German post office AG, 9,000 coworkers
  5. German course AG, 7,650 coworkers
  6. Otto Group, 7,300 coworkers
  7. Hamburg savings bankAG, 5,850 coworkers
  8. Philips GmbH, 5,500 coworkers
  9. Beiersdorf Co. AG, 4,700 coworkers
  10. Hamburg overhead railway AG, 4,268 coworkers
  11. Axel Springer AG, 3,490 coworkers
  12. [[Gruner+Jahr]] AG & cost. Kg, 2,500 coworkers


major items: Media in Hamburg

under othersthe mirror, star and the time in Hamburg are produced. Numerous publishing houses, under it the large publishing houses Axel Springer AG (picture) and the Green + year as well as the Heinrich farmer publishing house, the group of publishing houses of the Milky Way (meanwhile part of the Burda publishing house) andthe season publishing house, have here their seat carrier. Altogether well half of all supraregional press products of Germany in Hamburg is produced. Three important low printering are in and/or. in the region Hamburg. These are broschek low pressure, an enterprise schlott group of AG,as well as the Greens pressure, Itzehoe and the Axel Springer low printering, ear castle, which prinovis belong. In addition the German press agency German Press Agency has its seat in the Hanseatic city. The news of the day and daily topics of the pool of broadcasting corporations are sent from that Hamburg Studios of the NDR. Hamburgtraditionally also seat of numerous companies from the music industry, everything in front the Germany center of Warner music as well as noble music is. Nevertheless the city in the summer lost 2002 universal music and the German Phonoverband at Berlin. The decisive reason, the subsidizationthe removal by Berlin, criticism pulled, since Berlin supports its household with the help of the land financial adjustment, into which among other things Hamburg deposits on the part of Hamburg - Hamburg would have paid thereby the drift in certain respects. Further Hamburg is head officenorth Germans of the broadcast and its subsidiary Studio Hamburg, which produces numerous television broadcasts and also films either or makes their capacities available. In addition Hamburg is seat of a Second Channel of German Television regional studio. Around the interests the local, national, like also international Filmwirtschaftthe film promotion Hamburg worries from national side.

The seats of more numerously internationally renomierter advertising agencies such as Scholz & Friends, Springer & Jacoby, Jung von Matt, TBWA, vest ebb-tide, to golden deer and Design agencies, under it Peter Schmidt Group, Landor Associates and Factor Design, make Hamburg of Germany advertising and Design metropolis.



Hamburg has good road connections in long-distance traffic. Several federal motorways affect the city, A 1 (Cologne -Bremen - Hamburg Luebeck, far as bird airline direction Copenhagen/Malmö), A 7 (Kassel - Hanover - Hamburg (Elbe tunnel) - Flensburg), A 23 (Hamburg heath), A 24 (Hamburg Berlin) and those A 25 (Hamburg Geesthacht). A spacious by-pass of Hamburg with the A 20 , which ends at present from Rostock coming with Luebeck , is planned. It is in the future over the northern and western surrounding countryside of Hamburg and the Weser tunnel to those A 28 to be attached. In addition is for a long time A 26 (Hamburg Stade) planned.

By Hamburg the federal highways B 4, B 5, B 73, B 75, B 431, B 434 and B 447 lead, which supply to a large extent radially on the city area; thus the traffic is concentrated there, which leads to substantial traffic problems. Tangential connections to the bypass of the transit traffic and to the spacious development of the city did not come so far over planning outside; however three existStruggle races, which run semicircularly around the inside (ring 1 ) and outside city center (ring 2 ) around and as quarter circle by the northwest outlying districts (ring 3 ).

railway traffic

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof
Hamburg main station

Hamburg is the largest railway junction in Northern Europe. Main lines lead among other thingsto Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam, Prague, Westerland, Flensburg, Kiel, Luebeck - Copenhagen - Malmö, Schwerin - Rostock - Rügen, Berlin, Hanover, Bremen and into the Ruhr district. Except that Hamburg main station gives it remote stations in Altona, to mountain village, Harburg and at the dam gate.

See also: Those have rail traffic

in Hamburg meaning in the goods traffic on the rail Hamburg Hafenbahn, the AKN as well as that south the city boundary in meshes convenient largest marshalling yard of Europe.


with rapid-transit railway, underground and the AKN has Hamburg a rapid-transit railway net, which opens important ranges of the city as well as the usually northern surrounding countryside spaciously. Besides a well developed city bus network ( also Metrobusse exists, High-speed penalty, express penalty). The port is opened by Hafenfähren. In the nights before Saturdays, sunning and holidays many daily lines drive continuous (night transportation network). For the remaining nights there is a night bus network with 19 lines. All local transport enterprises have themselves in Hamburg traffic group (HVV) united.

air traffic

with the international airport Hamburg air haven is the oldest, still airport of Germany and one of the few airports in the city of Europe in enterprise in Hamburg,its drawback however the close settlement within its test flight ranges is.

The somewhat smaller airport is in Hamburg-Finkenwerder. This is the base of airbus Germany GmbH. However here only airplanes of the type airbus as well as of that land British Aerospace. Starting from 2007 in Hamburg Finkenwerder of the A380 in series to the Innnenendmontage will land. The airport is approx. 10km southwest Hamburg city centres.

water ways

the port one opens by six driving lines of the HADAG (fiveof it drive for the tariff of the HVV).

With the hinterland and the Baltic Sea Hamburg is connected by binnenwasserstrassen (Unterelbe, upper Elbe, Elbe Luebeck channel, Elbe side channel, northeast ship canal).


Luftaufnahme des Hamburger Hafens und des Stadtteils Othmarschen
aerial photo Hamburg port and the quarter Othmar
container terminal in the port Hamburg.

Der Hamburger Hafen, auch „Hamburgs Tor zur Welt“ genannt, ist der größte Seehafen in Deutschland und, gemessen am Containerumschlag2005, der das Rekordergebnis von 8,1 MillionenContainer (TEU) reached, the second largest in Europe and eight-largest world-wide. For some special goods, for example raw coffee or carpets he is world-wide the largest transshipment port.

The dockland covers about 7,399 hectars (usable 6,480 hectars), from those 4,331 hectars (usable 3,412 hectars)Land surfaces are. In addition come 919 hectars, which are intended for the port extension partially for decades stadtplanerisch.

In view of of construction considerations for container ship sizes with a maximum depth of more than 16 m Hamburg has an adjustment of the driving water of the Unterelbe withFederation requests. The city Hamburg demands a recess of the Unterelbe around 1,50 M. This project is in the examination. From co-operation with Lower Saxony and Bremen for the building of the new container port JadeWeserPort the city Hamburg has itself after thatChange of government 2001 withdrawn, because in Hamburg port the lining up investment project of urgent importance are.

In direct binding to the memory city and the city area to time the new quarter “port town center” develops. The project port town center is on a surface of 155 hectares livingand work make possible.


Hamburg is the most important bank place in north Germans the area. Numerous institutes have here their regional management for the north. Besides some important private banks have their seat in Hamburg, z. B. M. M. Being castle & CO or the Berenberg bank.

Those Hamburg stock exchange was created 1558 as the first stock exchange in Germany and fourth in Europe, has however today no considerable meaning more.

partnerships between cities

Russlandpc. Petersburg, Russia, since 1957
Frankreich Marseille, France,since 1958
China Shanghai, People's Republic of China, since 1986
Sachsen Dresden, Saxonia, since 1987
Japan Osaka, Japan, since 1989
Nicaragua León, Nicaragua, since 1989
Tschechien Prague, Tschechien, since 1990
Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika Chicago, the USA, since 1994

that Hamburg port takes regardingPartnerships a privileged position: there is a port partnership between Hamburg and Kaohsiung ind Taiwan Taiwan.

institutions and mechanisms

Hamburg is among other things seat of the international Marine Court of Law, the federal research institute for fishery, the federal research institute for forestand timber economy, the federal office for sea-going vessel travel and Hydrographie, the biological institute Helgoland, the German weather service (office for sea-weather), the institute for Bernhard NOC cycle per second for tropical medicine, the Heinrich Pette institute for experimental Virologie and Immunologie, the German electron synchrotron (DESY), the trade union food benefit restaurants as well as one Chamber of trade and a Chamber of Commerce. Furthermore are in Hamburg one federal police station, three general customs offices (Hamburg port, Hamburg Jonas and Hamburg city), a circle military spare office, a regional finance office, a test office of the federation, a water and navigation velvet and an office for customs investigation.

Further Hamburg is seat of the German officeof Greenpeace.

that offers education

and research major item Hamburg/education

and research Hamburg as “new scholar school” created William High School Hamburg, that under its generally forming and vocational schools in such a way renowned like the scholar school of the Johanneums, Friedrich Ebert High School Harburg and the Christianeum Hamburg as well as many universities - so the University of Hamburg, the technical University of Hamburg Harburg, the university for screen end of arts Hamburg, the university for applied sciences, the Helmut Schmidt university of the German Federal Armed Forces, as well as firstprivate university for jurisprudence in Germany, the Bucerius Law School - and research establishments like the German electron synchrotron DESY.

culture and objects of interest

memory city in Hamburg
Blick vom Turm des Michels auf den Hafen
view from the tower of the Michels on the port
Alsterschwimmhalle in Hamburg

major item: Culture in Hamburg among other things with theatres, museums and galleries.

Hamburg has numerous music clubs over ten theatres , various cinemas and program cinemas, and over 50 museums.

buildings and parks

in Hamburg as in many other cities of Northern Germany brick than foundation engineering substance applied. Increasingly however today steel and glass are used.

To the most important buildings belong to the city among other things: Pc. Michaelis („Michel “, the landmarkthe city), the other main churches pc. Petri, pc. Nikolai, pc. Katharinen and pc. Jacobi as well as city hall, main station, station Hamburg dam gate, jetties, age Elbe tunnel, Kohl fire bridge, Alsterschwimmhalle, the 276 meters high television stations Heinrich Hertztower, Planetarium, Chile house and the numerous passages in the town center. The largest transmitting pole broadcasting stations of the Billwerder Moorfleet of the NDR is with 304 meters height the highest building of Hamburg. In Hamburg mountain village is a 137.5 meter high telecommunication tower in reinforced concrete construction way....

See also: Buildings in Hamburg

other objects of interest and/or attractions: Hamburg fish market, port with memory city, un Blomen, the stair quarter planned the Reeperbahn , young remote stairs, Hagenbecks Tierpark , city park, the cemetery Ohlsdorf as landscape park, in Blankenese, Alster -, channel, fleet - travels, the arenas (AOL arena, Colorline arena) as well as four-country and march country. In addition, otherwise Hamburg has to offer inhabitants and guests for its a whole row at parks and green areas.

Work on []

Fleets and channels


  • fleets: Alsterfleet, Nikolaifleet, turning refleet, gentleman ditch Mr., bleaching fleet, wall cream fleet…more
  • channels: Isebekkanal, Goldbekkanal, Osterbekkanal, Eilbekkanal, flax path channel… more

regular meetings

major items: Hamburg/regular meetings

Hamburg offers meetings at each season for thosemost diverse tastes, like that Hamburg fish market and that Hamburg cathedral. The port birthday, which is celebrated in May, is the largest meeting, with more than 1 million visitors. Some important Filmfestivals (film celebration Hamburg, lesbian gay film days Hamburg, Fantasy film celebration); CSD (Christopher Street Day)

opera, ballet, theatre, musical

the Hamburgi state opera, based to 2. January 1678, ranks among the prominent opera houses of Europe.

„Hamburg ballet “attained under thatLine of John new Meier world-wide reputation.

The German Schauspielhaus, which was opened 1900, provided again and again for excitement, among other things by productions of Gustaf of creating gene and Peter Zadek and as the best German theatre one distinguished already several times.

The Thalia theatre, based 1843, are considered as one of the prominent play stages of Germany.

The Schmidt theatre, based 1988, is admits for failed music revues and above all „the Schmidt Mitternachtshows “, which became to transfer a time long in the third television programs.

The Ohnsorg theatre is onethe most well-known folk theatres in Germany. Since 1954 transferred the NDR in irregular distances conceptions again and again in the television. One of the most well-known German actresses, Heidi cable, arose here at their active time. It was born in the house upthe other roadside.

See also: Ernst German theatres

since 1985 is former engine works Kampnagel an important theatre place for international appearances and the performance - scene.

Hamburg is considered to capital of Germany as the musical -. Here Andrew Lloyd Webbers Cats became firstTimes in Germany easily. To current productions the king of the lions and the Mamma Mia belong!.

one knows museums

and exhibitions in the miniature miracle country in the memory city a view of one the largest model railway - plants of the worldthrow.

Further museums see culture in Hamburg.


AOL arena (ehem. People park stadium)
important sports facilities of Hamburg are the steeped in tradition people park stadium, now AOL arena, the Color LINE arena (multi-function arena), Alsterschwimmhalle, Alsterdorfer sport-resounds, the Miller gate stadium, and thoseSudden combat course in the city park. The oldest German Sportverein comes with that cycles per second of 16 from Hamburg, like also the oldest rudder club of Germany and/or. the secondaryoldest of the world, that Hamburg ones and Germania rudder club of 1836 and the oldest Kanusportverein Germany, the Alster Canoe club. With sport passport registered association. the largest pure leisure sport association comes made of Hamburg.

Since 1963 the 1887 created Hamburg sports association in the 1 plays. Soccer federal league and is the last initial member of the federal league, which today never descended until. With the fiber plastic pc.Pauli comes a further former association of the 1. Soccer federal league from Hamburg. Since 1999 is the Handballer of the HSV Hamburg (1. Federal league) in the Color LINE arena at home. The most prominent representative of the ice hockey in Hamburg are since the establishment 2002 Hamburg Freezers. Hamburg is a center in the American football; beside Hamburg Blue Devils from the GFL and the 2005 again created Hamburg Sea Devils from the NFLE, various further teams were established. In the HockeyHamburg ones of associations are Germany far both with the gentlemen and the ladies dominating.

To the large annual sport events in Hamburg HEW Cyclassics belong (starting from 2006 Vattenfall Cyclassics ) in the second April half of the Hamburg Marathon as well as in the summer the Radrennen. Both eventstighten at the distances by the city a mass public. A social event are those Hamburg Derbys in the horse running (July) as well as in the jumping riding (May) and since 1892 the German open in the gentleman tennis.

Hamburg belongs to that to the official adjustment places Soccer world championship 2006, the hand ball world championship 2007 as well as the International Telecommunication Union Triathlon world championship 2007.

Hamburg is seat of an olympia base for the kinds of sport rudders, swimming and sails. Additionally Kanurennsport, Volleyball, Hockey and Leichtathletik are promoted.

By Hamburg the European remote moving ways lead E1 and E9.

to personalities

see list of the honour citizens of Hamburg and Hamburg personalities.


largest green belt is with 400 hectares the cemetery Ohlsdorf, the largest park cemetery of the world. Due to many furtherTo parks and green areas is considered Hamburg as particularly green city.

Hamburg is the city with most millionaires of Germany. From old Hamburg tradition the rich citizens of its city return somewhat from their wealth, so that it in Hamburg more than1,000 donations gives, which support the life in all areas of life of the city - also this is a record in Germany.

Far away it is unknown against the fact that itself on that Hamburg cities the largest Flussinsel - the quarters William castle - as well as onethe last Tideauenwälder Europe finds.

The Schutzpatronin of Hamburg is Maria. The two stars in the Hamburg coat of arms witness of it. There is the Mariensterne. The old Hamburg city gates had always a Marienstatue.

culinary specialities

major items: Hamburg kitchen

to thatwell-known Hamburg courts belong to poet, under other pears, beans and bacon, Finkenwerder Scholle, Stint, green Kohl, Hamburg Aalsuppe, Labskaus, Snuten un red Grütze, blacksourly and Franzbrötchen.

Hamburg song property

howHamburg its own hymn, the Hamburg hymn (city Hamburg at the Elbe Auen) possesses most Lands of the Federal Republic. Besides it gives many songs up with purchase to Hamburg, which have partly the status of one „unofficial “hymn, like for example the Reeperbahn around half one ( among other things sung of Hans Albers) or in Hamburg one says at night tschüs (among other things sung of Heidi cable). Before the Second World War n young with ′ n Tüdelband was that to de hits a corner steiht Brothers wolf probably the most popular song. With volume the Bluem field, the stars and Tocotronic went off approx. 1990 the term that Hamburg school as independent category of German-language music into the Popkultur. Also newer songs such as Hamburg, my bead from Lotto King Karl express the solidarity of the inhabitants to their city. From recent time also a Song of the well-known German-language Hip Hop volume is absolute Beginner, those in „town center Blues “(LP: „Blow Action Heros “, 2003) their life feeling tootheir hometown describe Hamburg, or the Song „Hamburg Anthem “of the just as well-known German-language RWSby Samy Deluxe. As Urgesteine meanwhile also the Hip hoppers of fat bread are considered, as of “Hamburg Hip Hop dinosaurs” already call themselves and to 1995 with thatSingle Nordish by Nature a praise song over the north of Germany and the Hanseatic city wrote.

„Hanseati greeting “

the Hanseati greeting is „Hummel, Hummel - Mors, Mors “.

Hamburg joke

it gives a number of traditional joke shapes, thosein Hamburg jokes occur, in particular the dock labourers Hein and Fiete as well as literarily created by Vera the Möller Erna with its relationship would small ferment. The jokes around these shapes are inclined to have laconic punchlines.


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  • free ones and Hanseatic city Hamburg: Hamburg manual 2004/2005 (administrative leader, more free of chargeDownload as pdf file)

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