Hamburg Blankenese

base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Hamburg
district: Altona
surface: 8.3 km ²
inhabitants: 12981 (2005)
population density: 1573 inhabitants for each km ²
preselection: 040
Kfz characteristics: Rear spar

Blankenese is belonged western quarters of Hamburg in the district a Altona and to the Elbvororten; it is seat of the local exchange of the same name, to which also the quarters Nienstedten, Osdorf, Lurup, Iserbrook, Sülldorf and tears belong.

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Blankenese, vom Südufer der Elbe gesehen
Blankenese, by the south bank of the Elbe seen
Blankenese, aus der Luft gesehen
Blankenese, from air seen

geographical situation

of Blankenese is on the northern Geestrücken because of the Unterelbe, which forms a steep bank in the local centre. Its most well-known collection is the Süllberg (74.7 m), at its slope the popular trip restaurant Sagebiels driving house and on its crest a new hotel with restaurants; highest collection is with 91,6 m of the Baurs mountain with the salient tower of the there water company.

The Elbe before Blankenese is broad up to 2,8 km, since here in former times north he and CSU the Elbe flowed together again. From the sand banks, which formed within this range, the place name is derived: brightly, niederdt. for, and Ness for “ ( wet) promontory” “knows”. After the Abdeichung the old person CSU the Elbe into the 1960er years remained the muzzle range, the Mühlenberger hole, when receive singular fresh water Watt. In the last years it became by the development the disputed airbus - airplane-threw in Hamburg-Finkenwerder reduced, as parts were filled up. The Mühlenberger hole developed by dredging, as after 1935 the aircraft plants of Blohm & Voss (Hamburg aircraft construction) began, Flugboote for the Atlantic traffic of Lufthansa to build, since an appropriate water surface was needed for tests. The again up-poured surface is called now Mühlenberger sand.


Am Strand
at the beach

Blankenese is up built the here quite steep south slope of the Geest; in the south beyond the Elbe the Elbmarsch lies (more exact: “old persons the country “).

neighbour quarters

neighbouring quarters are the mansion quarter of Nienstedten in the east, Iserbrook and Sülldorf in the north as well as tears in the west, whereby Blankenese and tears are by a wooded area (falcon stone) from each other separated.


Blankenese is a former fishing village created of Fied Breckwoldt in the year 1301. It belonged first to the county Holstein Pinneberg, afterwards to the duchy Holstein, which was governed starting from 1460 in personnel union by the Danish kings, and fell to 1866 at Prussia. On the sails of its Ewer and Kutter thereafter SELF-SERVICE ( for “Schleswig-Holstein Blankenese ") stood, flat-German as rope bedächtig! (= sail carefully!) laid out.
From decorations a slope village, where captains and pilots spent their old age, it developed to a largecivil mansion quarter, whose population was socially not so homogeneous nevertheless (and is), as it appears occasional: in the local council for example 1924 beside 18 delegates of the civil parties also 5 of representatives of the SPD and a KPDler sat.

1919 became larger the rich pinnebergische land municipality by the union with the neighbouring Dockenhuden, before it became 1927 by the large Altona law against the will of many Blankeneser the suburb of the large city Altona/ Elbe and 1938 came up together with Altona in Hamburg.

culture and objects of interest

recommendable is a walk by the stair quarter, the bent stairs and lanes at the Elbhang between the roads at the Kiekeberg and beach way, with its numerous, only smallfull-scale little houses impaired by few “building sins”.


some, however land or manor-houses not always also which can be seen Hamburg ones or Altonaer worth seeing of buyers from that gives to 18 in Blankenese. and 19. Century: in addition count the white house of Peter Godeffroy (Elbchaussee 547), the country house of G. F. Baur (Mühlenberger way 33), the country house Klünder (Oesterleystrasse 20), however heruntergekommene, Hansens in the meantime partly converted country house Blacker (now “Gosslerhaus”, to at the end of of 2004 seat of the local exchange, Blankeneser highway 34) and the country house being castle (food hereditary suppl. road 60).


numerous one large messuages of shipowners and buyers with old tree-covered and substantial mansions are today parks in public hand. In addition the Baurs park at the yachting port mill mountain , the Gosslers park at the Blankeneser station and the Hessian park at the former tax office belong, to the current local exchange Blankenese. Blankenese offers also numerous possibilities for swimming.


two High Schools (Gym offer education in Blankenese. Blankenese to the Kirschtenstrasse and Gym. Wanting testicle) as well as the comprehensive school Blankenese into the Frahmstrasse the possibility for the Abitur. At the falcon stone renowned Institut for peace research and security politics of the University of Hamburg ( IFSH) resides, while those is appropriate frequently for Blankenese attributed command and staff academy of the German Federal Armed Forces in the neighbouring Nienstedten.


of the Sportverein play combination Blankenese of 1903 has occasionally a honette role in the lower play classes (e.g. with the football) easily; more strongly still the chess combination Blankenese of 1923. As further local Sportverein is still the FTSV comet Blankenese of 1907 (football, table tennis, Skat etc.) to be called; furthermore the Blankeneser and the “Mühlenberger” sail club, which ranks also over 800 members among the sizes and most active sail associations of Germany and which first sail association at the Elbe was direct.

In the context of the annually accomplished Radrennens HEW Cyclassics is a key place at the which mountain. The 700 m long rise of the Elbufer into the local centre of Blankenese has a nearly going through upward gradient of 15% and several times is up driven through. On the occasion of this Radrennens in the year 2000 the cycle racing community Blankenese was created, which ranks with at present 130 members among the strongest bicycle associations of Hamburg.

economics and infrastructure


Schiffsanleger in Blankenese
ship investor in Blankenese

those Hamburg rapid-transit railway have a head station at the foot of the crow mountain in Blankenese; here the distance branches from Altona and whisk ( lines S1 and S11) meet.

With on other Elbseite which were appropriate quarters Cranz and new field Blankenese is connected by a ferry.

In Blankenese the Elbchaussee beginning in Ottensen ends (in former times: Flottbecker Chaussee). Beyond that there is a further road connection, which B 431 north of Blankenese, running from east to west, by which for the traffic the accessibility Hamburg centers and the district of the Pinneberg is ensured.


of sons and daughters Blankeneses

further one important inhabitants

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