Hamburg Blue Devils

Hamburg Blue Devils
based: 1992
Headcoach: Joe novel
league (2006): GFL north (1. Federal league)
largest one of successes
Eurobowl - winners 1996, 1997, 1998
German master 1996, 2001, 2002, 2003
name: eVendi arena
address: Memellandallee, Hamburg
owner: Hamburg BlueDevils/city Hamburg
capacity: 1,800 seats + approx. 2,000 Stehplätze
spectators 2005 (eVendi arena) 22,562 altogether, 3,760 5 years
of 2005 vice-masters (GFL
), last per play placements
, 2004 Play offs quarter final (GFL)
2003 German master (GFL)
2002 German master(GFL)
2001 German master (GFL)
eVendi Arena Hamburg (während der Bauarbeiten)
eVendi arena Hamburg (during the construction work)

Hamburg Blue Devils (HBD) is a Hamburg association for American football.

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  • 1991 establishment of the team. From Hamburg Hornets, which had developed from a fusion the Hamburg Dolphins and Harburg Rubberducks, the team Hamburg 1992
  • establishment of association under the name Hamburg Blue developedDevils e. V.Under the designation Hamburg Hornets took the team Hamburg at the regular play enterprise of the 3. League north part and reached the ascent into the 2. Federal league. Under the designation Hamburg Blue Devils played the team as a Non League team particularPlays against selected European opponents in after the main sponsor designated “Schweppes of cool Masters”.
  • 1993 after successful protest Braunschweigs Lions retreat the Hamburg Hornets from the 2. Federal league and dissolution. Hamburg Blue Devils further Non League team
  • 1994 participation of the BlueDevils in the again-created football League OF Europe (FLE)
  • 1995 admission as specialists from beyond into the first federal league, the today's German football League and first participation in the German Bowl. The 2. Crew of the Devils (Hamburg Grey Devils) fusedwith Hamburg Patriots. Renaming in Hamburg game Huskies (in the meantime Hamburg Eagle) and change to the S.C. Victoria
  • 2003 insolvency request. Hamburg Blue Devils had insolvency to announce and could the play enterprise only under strict editions and with financialSupport of the fans and sponsors terminate. Nevertheless the Meistertitel could be won again.
  • 2004 by the entrance of a new investor the association were saved
  • 2005 after itself planning, in the future in the Billtalstadion to have played smash, became to 28. February announces,to establish to the Memellandallee a stadium own in Hamburg Altona, the today's eVendi arena.
  • 2005 at the 11. May announced K. P. Steffens with the district court Hamburg insolvency the Hamburg Blue Devils marketing GmbH as well as the Hamburg Blue Devils of enterprise GmbHon. On a common press conference Hamburg of the Blue Devils e. V. (Owners of the GFL license) and the Hamburg Sea Devils became to 18. May a concept for the maintenance of the play enterprise in the GFL season 2005 and reorganization of the HBD e. V. presented.Were quit without notice the contracts with the insolvent HBD GmbH's. The again created sport marketing Hamburg GmbH secured the Blue Devils the play enterprise. Despite these turbulences the Devils the German Bowl reached itself and had with a 28:31 against those Braunschweig Lions only scarcely struck give.

executive committee

the executive committee Hamburg of the Blue Devils registered association. consists Leif Schrader (vice-president) of Jürgen Kemper ( president), Heike Jahn (Schatzmeisterin), Dennis loop (director of sport) and Stefan Wyrowski (youth-wait).

title thatHamburg Blue Devils

  • of 1994 vice-masters FLE (35: 43 against Stockholm Nordic Vikings from Sweden)
  • 1995 German vice-master (10: 17 against Duesseldorf Panther)
  • of 1996 European Cup winners (21: 14 against Aix EN Provence Argonoutes from France) and German master (31: 12 against Duesseldorf Panther)
  • of 1997 European Cup winners(35: 14 against Phoenix di Bologna from Italy)
  • of 1998 European Cup winners (38: 19 against Paris Flash from France) and German vice-master (14: 20 against Braunschweig Lions)
  • of 1999 vice-European Cup winners (23: 27 against Braunschweig Lions) and German vice-master (24: 25 against Braunschweig Lions)
  • of 2000 vice-European champions(20: 42 against Bergamo Lions from Italy)
  • 2001 German master (31: 13 against Braunschweig Lions)
  • 2002 German master (16: 13 against Braunschweig Lions)
  • 2003 German master (37: 36 in Overtime against Braunschweig Lions)
  • 2004 German resounding flag football master (20: 14 against Hamburg Grey Devils)
  • of 2005 GermansVice-master (28: 31 against Braunschweig Lions)

teams in Hamburg Blue Devils registered association.

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