Hamdan Qarmat

Hamdan Qarmat was an important Missionar of the Ismailiten in the Iraq at the end 9. Century.

Hamdan Qarmat was very in former times a trailer of the Ismailiten in the Iraq. It recognized thereby the guidance in the Syrian Salamya (the later Fatimiden) on, the representation for the hidden seventh Imam Muhammad ibn Ismail stressed. In the last quarter 9. Century took over he the line of the mission and could broad trailer shank among the farmers Iraq, in addition, in the circles of the yard aristocracy and the realm administration in Bagdad win.

Under aluminium-Dschannabi the influence of the Ismailiten could be expanded also in the Gulf region from aluminium-Hasa and Bahrain. Like the mission acres Ibn striking thrust and Abu Abdallah asch ski `i began to arm also Hamdan Qarmat its trailers and established 892 with Mahtamabad with Kufa a first fastened base.

899 it came however to splitting, as itself Said (Abdallah aluminium-Mahdi) and not the expected Muhammad ibn Ismail in Salamya as Imam of the Ismailiten revealed. The Said the Imamat for itself and its descendants stressed, by many Ismailiten, particularly in the Iraq was not recognized. Also Hamdan Qarmat held far to the original Mahdi figure Muhammad ibn Ismail. Even if Hamdan Qarmat disappeared after splitting, its trailers in the Iraq had and particularly in Ostarabien/al Hasa in the 11. Century a very large influence. After Hamdan Qarmat this also Qarmaten were called.


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