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the word hand ball used Franjo Bučar in Croatia as the first, than it described the German play centrifuge ball in the magazine Sokol in the year 1904. First organized plays/meetings took place however only in the years 1930 - 1950 . However this hand ball play did not correspond to the today's. Since one was coined/shaped by the football much, the play of beginning also on a large football field delivered with in each case eleven players. One called this also veliki Rukomet (large hand ball). Only in the year 1950 the hand ball came in its current form to carrying. One called these then Mali Rukomet (small hand ball). After the large hand ball its end found 1958, only hand ball became from the small hand ball.

The first hand ball play found to 29. May 1930 after one year's exercise phase between two crews of the national material High School in Varaždin under the line of the sport teacher Zvonimir Suligoj instead of. In Zagreb the pupils of the 1 began. National material man High School in the Klaićeva road under the line of the sport teacher Vladimir Janković with hand ball. With the re-opening of the sports field of the six-form high school in Zagreb, at the 1. , a play between the crews of the six-form high schools Zagreb and Ljubljana ( 8 found 6.1935: 3) instead of.

The first hand ball championship took place in the year 1935/36 between the six-form high schools from Zagreb. The first international hand ball play on association level found to 19. July 1939 in Zagreb instead of. The student national teams from Zagreb and Graz ( 2 met one on the other: 11). In the same year hand ball sections were created, as basis served the Zagreber at that time sport communities:

  • 1. Croatian urban sport club (1.hrvatski građanski športski club)
  • Croatian sport club Ličanin (Hrvatski športski club Ličanin - later renamed in HŠK Martinovki)
  • urban electrical center Šparta (Gradska elektična centrala Šparta)
  • HŠK meteor
  • HŠK Concordija
  • ŠK Željezničar (later renamed in HŠK Trnje & sports club Marathon)

in spring 1940 was created a hand ball worker combination, which took over the organization of the hand ball championship of Zagreb. First master became HŠK meteor. In the autumn 1941 the first Croatian hand ball federation (Hrvatski rukometni savez) was then created, which took over the co-ordination of 10 associations and up to the year 1944 the national championships organiziert.

The first play of the Croatian national team found to 14. June 1942 against Hungary in Budampest instead of (0: 9).

After that 2. The individual hand ball sections were converted world war into Fiskulturelle communities: Mladost, Metalac, Akademičar, Grafičar, Slavija, Milicionar & Lokomotiva. The again created Fiskulturelle federation in Croatia (Fiskulturni savez Hrvatske, briefly FISAH) organized the first championship in Zagreb in the year 1945. In December 1946 with the Fiskulturellem federation a committee for the hand ball was created. On a conference to 19. Decembers 1948 in Zagreb were renewed the bases Croatian hand ball of the federation. Up to the year 1992 now all Croatian competitions found (also in eh. Yugoslavia) under the Obhut of the hand ball federation Croatia (Rukometni savez Hrvatske) instead of.

The first lady crew became of the Fiskulturellen asset 2. Classical High School in Zagreb based. Therefore the first play took place in the year 1948, it met the crews 2. Classical High School and 6. Lady High School one on the other. In Split 1949 the first national championship of the ladies was delivered.

The first international meet one another took place in the year 1950. The national teams of Yugoslavia and Belgium played against each other in Zagreb (18: 3).

The last championship in the large hand ball of the gentlemen was delivered 1957/58. Participants were 7 associations. With the ladies already 1956 the competition for the last time delivered also straight times 3 associations.

The first official play of the small hand ball found to 24. February 1950 between the associations Metalac and Maksimir in the hall to Zagreb instead of. Already one year later took place also the first play of the ladies in the small hand ball in new facts Gradiška . The official season start of the league of the small hand ball for gentlemen and ladies was the year 1953. The national cup is delivered since 1955. Most successes since that time had the following associations with the men in the league:

  • RK Partizan (Bjelovar)
  • RK Zagreb
  • RK Prvomajska (Zagreb)
  • RK Medveščak (Zagreb)

and with the ladies:

  • ŽRK Podravka (Koprivnica)
  • also on European level one

drew the attention of ŽRK Lokomotiva (Zagreb) to itself. Thus RK Partizan Bjelovar 1972 won the European national master cup, RK Zagreb followed in the years 1992 & 1993 with the Mr.

With the ladies Podravka Vegeta 1996 secured itself the European national master cup. The associations ŽRK Osijek (1982 & 1983) and ŽRK Dalma Split won the cup of the Cup winners (1984). To good the latter one secured oneself also 2 victories in the IHF cup, ŽRK Trešnjevka (1982) and ŽRK Lokomotiva (1991).

After the civil war in Croatia the new hand ball federation Hrvatski Rukometni Savez (short HRS) was created. Since that 10.4.1992 one is member in the international hand ball federation IHF, since that 23. July 1992 also with European hand ball federation EHF.


  • European championship Portugal 1994 (bronze)
  • Olimpi plays 1996 Atlanta (gold)
  • Olimpi plays 2004 Athens (gold)
  • world championship Portugal 2003 (gold)
  • world championship Tunis 2005 (silver)

Croatian hand ball league Mr.

the first league (1. HRL) consists of 2 groups, to a north and a south's group. Both groups have in each case 8 crews and to play in each case and back round.

After these 14 play days are completed become two new groups in an educated manner, the championship round (league za prvaka) and the descent round (league za opstanak). Into the championship round those go in each case first to three of the north and south's group. The remaining ones 5 crews of both groups form a descent league with 10 crews. The crews those at the championship round participate catch with “zero” on with the scoring and. On the other hand in the descent league a point pad is carried forward depending upon placement in the Vorrunde. The point distribution looks as follows:

  • 4. Place - 5 point.
  • 5. Place - 4 point.
  • 6. Place - 3 point.
  • 7. Place - 2 point.
  • 8. Place - 1 point.

And a back round take place also here. Afterwards masters and Absteiger are certain.

Croatian hand ball league ladies

changes one than with the gentlemen is with the ladies only one league present. This consists of 12 crews. After and the back round the first four crews finally a Four play on two victories. The two winners play the losers in the final, around the third place, also again with and replay. To emphasize the lady crew of the Podravka Vegeta from Koprivnica is since the independent Croatian league the all championships surely won.

acquaintance player

  • Ivano Balić
  • Mirza Džomba
  • Petar Metličić
  • Blaženko Lacković
  • Renato Sulić
  • Igor Vori
  • before it Dominiković
  • Vlado Šola
  • Zlatko Horvat
  • Slavko Goluža
  • Nikola Blažičko
  • Goran Šprem
  • Denis Špoljarić
  • Denis Buntić

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