Trade paper

the trade paper (slogan: Substance decides) is a German daily paper. It is published by the group of publishing houses trade paper (Duesseldorf), for its part to the group of publishing houses George von Holtzbrinck is heard. The trade paper finances itself like each daily paper on the one hand by sales over subscription and the magazine trade,on the other hand by the sales of indicator sides and classified advertisements. Editor-in-chief is Bernd Ziesemer.

The first expenditure appeared to 16. May 1946. Since 1999 the trade paper with the American publishing house Dow Jones cooperates, to that among other things the trade journals The Wall Street Journal and TheWall Street Journal Europe shifts. Since then the German journalists apart from their own world-wide Korrespondenten network can all message use and publish, which is produced in the publishing house Dow Jones also.

Today is the trade paper with one of the largest and most important trade journals in Germany, after number of quotationsthe prominent. In addition the publishing house organizes seminars to economically relevant topics.

In 4. Quarter 2003 according to IVW (observable under per day 148,319 copies were sold, among them to 98,119 on the average at subscribers.

Since 2000 the trade paper assigns the Kabarett - to promotion price jump board.

Since September 2005a Wirtschaftswiki is offered, which is to describe technical terms of the economy. The texts of the registered authors should be freely usable.

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