Merchant fleet

federal flag
(flag of the German merchant fleet)

the merchant fleet (also: Trading vessel travel) covers the whole of all sea-going vessels of a state , which serve the sea-going vessel travel for the purpose of the transport of goods and persons as well as fishing contrary to the war navy. These ships becomeKauffahrteischiffe (the national fleet merchant fleet) calls. The merchant fleet ranks typically among the occupation navigation. The merchant fleet and the war navy rank among the generic term navy.

Only such sea-going vessels belong to the merchant fleet, which are registered in the naval register classified and. Shipsthe merchant fleet lead the flag of the state, in which they are registered.

Ship types of the merchant fleet are v.a. Cargo ships of all kinds, ships for transportation of human beings, however not ships of the deep-sea fishing.

The whole of the merchant fleet (world trade fleet) covered 1999 a gross space number(BRZ) of 543,6 millions, of it Germany: 6,5 millions BRZ (with an average age of three years).

The term merchant fleet is used also in the maritime law , international law , European right , commercial law and as statistic term.


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