Hanna Klose Greger

Hanna Klose Greger (* 9. May 1892 in Hochweitzschen/Döbeln, Saxonia; † 14. January 1973 in Karl Marx city, today Chemnitz) was active as authoress, Grafikerin and a painter.

It lived many years on the Chemnitzer Kassberg, written numerous historical novels, which it partly equipped with own illustrations and book covers/Schutzumschlägen: Barbara Uttmann (1940); Inka, son of the sun (1958), Lard, the Etrusker (1959), Roswitha of Gandersheim (1961), the Sibylle of Lebanon (1963); Do you come again feather/spring queue? (1969); The city of the elephants (1972); numerous use-graphic work such as posters and picture postcards, under it the price-crowned official fixed map to the Rathausweihe in Chemnitz from the year 1911.


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